A Child Prodigy With an AI Startup: Meet Pranjali Awasthi Awasthi came into the limelight when at the Miami Tech Week event she revealed that the startup had secured a funding of about USD 450k from the likes of On Deck, Village Global, and AngelList Quant Fund

By Paromita Gupta

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Pranjali Awasthi, founder, Delv.AI

In a world where social media takes a priority for teenagers all around the globe, a 16-year old is taking on the Silicon Valley with her AI startup. Pranjali Awasthi might have come into the limelight in recent times, but she's been creating change since January 2022, when she founded Delv.AI. With science in her genes, Awasthi has been inclined towards competitive math and programming since the tender age of seven. This inclination translated into real-world projects when she moved to the States.

"I used to participate in a lot of hackathons, one of which (Miami Hack Week), introduced me to the Startup/VC ecosystem in Miami. Soon after, I got into the Hacker Fellowship (HF0), a residential startup accelerator based in Miami, and launched Delv AI," shares Pranjali Awasthi, founder, Delv.AI.

Her AI startup is designed to simplify data extraction, "It eliminates data silos, providing researchers efficient access to specific information from diverse online content." It offers text analytics for research and enterprise purposes, offerings summarization, and insights extraction for text data sources such as local or cloud databases. Delv. AI also generated AI-driven graphical representations such as pie charts, treemaps, and heatmaps.

So, what kind of impact Delv.AI has made so far? "We've reached 10K+ users in just over a month since the launch of Delv 2.0, and are conducting 10+ pilots with R&D companies over Asia, North America, and Europe."

Awasthi came into the limelight when at the Miami Tech Week event she revealed that the startup had secured a funding of about USD 450k from the likes of On Deck, Village Global, and AngelList Quant Fund. Her biggest challenge? "Team management and keeping the morale up as a solo founder while dealing with a super fast-growing market," Awasthi adds. Her one piece of advice? "Focus on mastering AI infrastructure, recognizing its consolidation among a few key players, and understanding the role of building complementary tools around your models," she concludes.

•Year of inception: 2022
•No. of employees: 5
•External funding received so far: $450K

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