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With Smartness Being the In-Thing, What Can Quality Social Gatherings Do For Entrepreneurs? Check out the Importance of building quality social gatherings for entrepreneurs with smartness being in

By Rahul R

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With modern-day entrepreneurship treading towards uncharted territories with respect to yielding creative solutions, it is only vital that the younger community interacts with and learns from veterans who now believe that smart is the groovy thing in.

Now, learning from the smarter generation of entrepreneurs could undoubtedly be achieved through social gatherings, but even these gatherings would need the smartness factor as far as actually facilitating ideation and learning is concerned. With entrepreneurial gatherings (not conventional meetups) potentially showing tendencies of losing steam and diverting from their core agenda, the need of the hour is for young entrepreneurs to get a good platform which could facilitate entrepreneurial enhancement.

A smart group of entrepreneurs

"The learning principle for me here is that don't try to do everything yourself. Do it with the help of other entrepreneurs possessing that skill or domain expertise and come together to become a big fish," states, Saiju Aravind who is CEO at Edubrisk which strives at making teaching and learning smarte1r, to Entrepreneur India.

Aravind's statement seconds the smart ideation concept wherein entrepreneurs despite having whacky yet potential ideas are allowed, to further their traits, through effective mentorship, guidance on basic aspects such as business scalability and to even aspects such as even actually conceptualising a startup out of entrepreneurial ideas.

"The first word is trust and the last word here again is trust. The organisers can work to bring together groups with carefully chosen synergies where they feel like Collaborators and not Competitors. That will bring in the first level of trust, opening up and sharing of ideas and involvement. Secondly, taking the idea of holacracy, start ups can sit and ideate and come together, ensuring total involvement," adds Aravind.

"No idea is a bad idea', each and every idea can be a put to use; one just needs to time it," states Amin Rozani, Co-Founder and Managing Director at The Spartan Poker.

Hence, that smartness within ideas could potentially be explored through quality social gatherings by entrepreneurs. Now, t is worth noting that the smartness factor is what makes social gatherings in 2018 (and beyond) different from earlier years which were general traditional meetups.

Smarter amalgamation could create magic

With entrepreneurial smartness being the new in-thing, social gatherings could actually lead to a situation wherein issues plaguing society at large could get mitigated instantaneously, almost like magic, with a combination of effective ideas from participants (of the gathering). These could then be turned into actual business models and implemented real-time.

"There could be a marketing team who may be a part of the same program but they are facing the customer, there could be the development team, not at all facing the customer, but they are the ones who create magic at the backend. Now all these different enablers can come together for the purpose of making this gigantic dream come true. So it is always synergy that works out here," adds Aravind.

Holistic collaborations is yet another side-effect of quality entrepreneurial gatherings. Even if your ideas have been rejected by traditional industry experts, these could find acceptance in the entrepreneurial community when there are conducive platforms.

", Any idea has the potential of bringing groundbreaking change if it is molded/conditioned/fine-tuned in a suitable manner," re-iterates Rozani.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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