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E-Commerce Industry Creating a World of Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs The flexibility of E-commerce and technology lets women entrepreneurs conduct their business entirely on internet

By Malvika Gupta

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With the emergence of E-commerce giants, the retail industry in India is not only benefitting the male entrepreneurs but it is opening up several other doors of entrepreneurship for women. In this fast moving economy, there has always been a choice for women to have a successful career with independency or stay aback due to the society's pull. Since multitasking is a trait women are born with, it is helping them to maintain a balance between their career and responsibilities simultaneously.

The idea of "Minimum investment, Maximum profit" in E-commerce business is helping women entrepreneurs to start their businesses while working from the comfort of their homes. Thousands of women are selling products around different categories like jewellery, home furnishing, handicrafts, home utility products, fashion apparel and accessories, etc through E-commerce platforms.

Seizing new opportunities through Technology

Nowadays, everyday challenges don't bother women who are passionate towards their career and business goals. The advent of new technologies and ease in communication is opening up new vistas for women in E-commerce market. The high penetration of internet and use of social media is also playing an influential role in driving their business by reducing barriers to work across the boundaries and creating flexibility around their schedule by introducing virtual workplaces and digital lifestyle.

With the growing use of social media, women entrepreneurs are finding it easier to identify new business opportunities and finding sales leads online for building a sustainable business. Several women are also taking complete advantage of Social media platforms to boost their sales numbers and build a strong customer base.

Ecommerce provide Work Mobility

Startups and E-commerce revolution brought one good thing for women entrepreneurs – working from home, work while travelling, remote working at their own ease. There are too many success stories of women entrepreneurs who have broken the glass ceiling and emerged as role models in E-commerce industry even for their male counterparts. Without stepping out of their home, they are generating business through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms.

Many women entrepreneurs serving service sector also enjoy the flexibility to work from home specifically in the field of – content development, sales, recruitment, lead generation and travel packaging, among others that just require a strong internet connection, a laptop and a mobile phone. In addition, industries like wedding planning, interior designing, digital marketing, etc are also helping women entrepreneurs to work according to their flexibility.

Global reach and Financial Independence

E-commerce is one such industry that is making the world come closer by helping the buyers meet the sellers and vice versa. The flexibility of E-commerce and technology lets women entrepreneurs conduct their business entirely on internet. Moreover, it plays a critical role in removing gender biasness as the online medium places a layer of invisibility on the seller's identity.

E-commerce as an industry which has exploded exponentially in the past one decade is helping women to grow phenomenally by touching the boundaries of International Markets. For instance, a fashion designer having its online marketplace in India can easily tap the customers based in other countries and thereby, expand their global business reach. E-commerce revolution has also brought a great sense of financial independency along with creative satisfaction for women.

The culture of start-ups and E-commerce industry are giving serious growth plans to women entrepreneurs. Women who have a clear roadmap to drive and scale up their E-commerce business or start-up can do a lot better in achieving financial independence and profitability.

Malvika Gupta

Founder of Purple Panchi


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