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Ethical Practices Will Always Attract Investments, BluSapphire CEO On Layoffs BluSapphire CEO Kiran Vangaveti advised that being cyber aware is imperative for citizens of a company or country as it impacts all of us

By Teena Jose

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Kiran Vangaveti

Finding a threat actor in today's complex hybrid multi-cloud environments is worse than finding a needle in a haystack. The capability of new age machine learning algorithms to parse through millions of disparate events and find patterns of anomalies and threats without much human intervention has been of phenomenal value to cyber defenders. In such a highly competitive space, the thought of building an unified platform that can aid security operation folks with end-to-end visibility and automation really struck Mr. Kiran Vangaveti that ensued in the launch of BluSapphire.

Almost every vendor website looks the same and claims the same. While most vendors have M&As that translate to bolt-on, hotpotch capabilities, we are the only solution built ground up with end-to-end visibility, automation, and response in mind. While most of the competition is selling using fear, uncertainty, and doubt, we focus on empowering the consumer using awareness," Kiran Vangaveti, CEO and founder of BluSapphire recollected his initial days of launching the platform.

Beyond the competition in the space the corporate world currently encounters the consistent layoff trends. In such a scenario it was interesting to notice that BluSapphire plans to hire more in Hyderabad. For a curious question of why so, Kiran gave a different perspective. He said, "Unlike the growth at any cost motto that seems to be going around, fundamentally sound businesses (eat what you kill) with positive EBITA and good ethical practices will always attract investments."

As we all know, every business venture co-exist with the help of the government's participation too. Also, in a very fragile space like cybersecurity the government's role is really crucial. The move toward participating in cybersecurity ecosystems has reportedly been accelerating, driven largely by access to better tools or a greater variety of skills. Though the government cannot function in isolation, there is a growing realization within governments that in order to mount a proper national cyber defense, their role should expand from just securing public networks to helping to secure both public and private networks.

In this context, Kiran opined that government's regulations have almost always made the industry better, because governments and regulatory bodies are the only entities who can force organisations to enforce standards of due care, holding them accountable.

With ubiquitous exposure to online finance, apps and social media, organisations today own a tremendous amount of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Financially Sensitive Information with/without your consent, all of which is being used by commercial enterprises and attackers to profile you and your dear ones. It is imperative that these organisations implement safeguards to protect your data and implement standards of due care. The government and regulators can lead the way for the other institutions to follow," the CEO further added.

The discussion also proceeded to the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill where he remarked that the bill strikes a balance between protecting the privacy of citizens while enabling the growth of the digital economy. According to him, a big piece of DPDP is implementation. India, as such, has always been a land of way too many laws with loose interpretations and much relaxed implementation.

There are concerns over the provisions of the bill, viz., the wide discretion given to the government to exempt its agencies from the application of certain provisions and the potential impact on the innovation and growth of the digital economy. Abuse of DPDP by government agencies involving political/personal agenda(s) is a growing concern. Overall, the DPDP bill is a significant step towards protecting the privacy of citizens and ensuring that personal data is handled in a transparent and accountable manner," said Kiran Vangaveti.

BluSapphire harnesses the power of Big Data utilizing Machine Learning functions in reducing the mean time to detect (MTTD) an advanced cyber attack. The platform encompasses SIEM, Threat Intelligence, User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD), Sandboxing, Endpoint Protection, Threat Hunting, Deception, Threat Triage and Response, all while remaining fully agentless.

As a pro player in the ecosystem, BluSapphire CEO advised that being cyber aware is imperative for citizens of a company or country as it impacts all of us. He also warned that cyber criminals are relentless in their pursuit of innocent, gullible victims, and this is only going to get worse. "We are short of qualified cyber professionals globally, so it is a great place to be," said Kiran.

While the global cybersecurity spending is growing at a 14–16% CAGR, India is growing at a 23% CAGR which represents the tremendous opportunities in this sector.

"Cybersecurity in general is headed for its fastest growth with rapid digitisation of assets and infrastructure globally. We are looking at rapid growth for the next 2 years. Any predictions over that are bound to change with evolving markets," Kiran Vangaveti forecasted.

Teena Jose

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