4 Start-up Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Cricket

An entrepreneur too must know when to place trust in his or her team and support them at every step, this encourages employees to take increased ownership and perform better

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The gentleman's game has always been something that has captured my attention. The way our whole country worships cricket really makes you wish it was your product. Truth be told, the persistence cricketers show is something any entrepreneur can learn from. Right from working hard on our goals to taking care of our health; a good game of cricket can teach you a lot. The elements of this game can be emulated by every entrepreneur. Being precise, strict and disciplined are qualities that must be ingrained in you. When we plan, prepare and schedule our day in an efficient manner it brings us one step closer to our goals.


Here are 4 lessons from cricket that every entrepreneur needs to know:

1. Not All Pitches With Good Bounce Guarantee A Century

It is necessary to understand that not all pitches, i.e. businesses, markets etc. are the same. So, an approach that has worked in one scenario may not work in another. For instance, one way of carrying out transactions may be successful in India but, may not work elsewhere. So instead of giving up, we must accept challenges and devise ways to solve problems dynamically.

2. A Good Captain Is The Backbone Of The Team

An entrepreneur's success is directly correlated with the success of his/her team. Just think of how Dhoni always kept faith in his players and supported them through their bad patches during the 2011 World Cup. An entrepreneur too must know when to place trust in his or her team and support them at every step. This encourages employees to take increased ownership and perform better.

3. Good Players Always Bounce Back From Setbacks

A client or an investor pitch can be nerve-wracking. So, knowing how to calm down is important. While the path to success is riddled with ups and downs, we need to focus to stay the course and fight against all odds. If we want to build a brand that stands the test of time, we must not hesitate to travel that extra mile.

4. A Bad Pitch Is No Excuse For Failure

Entrepreneurs must know how to tackle pressure and give their 100% in every situation. Being flexible and open to new ideas is something that gives an edge to your business. This eventually brings a unique and refined product for the customers. If the path is too easy, you're probably on the wrong one!

At the end of the day, you are like the captain of your team. The captain of a team is a confident young entrepreneur at the helm of a successful start-up and when a Cricket team plays, the whole country unites in support of the 11 men putting up their best show on the field. Every entrepreneur must build a team that the world can celebrate – if your team shines, you shine