5 Reasons Why Every Day is Not Sunny in the Entrepreneur World

Want to Step in the entrepreneur world? It's a place where there are beautiful sunny days but after the dark horror nights

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Welcome to the world of an entrepreneur. It is one such a place where dreams come true, people work for their own and defeat is a word that no one knows.


For those who want to work and fulfil their dream, lights never get off here, traffic never stops and tiredness is strictly prohibited.

It is a world where you find investors, unicorns and endless opportunities. Behind every door, inside every room, bar or office, you will find innovative people discussing and celebrating their ideas. The word IMPOSSIBLE and the 9-5 regime don't work here because no goal is too far and no dream is too big in this world.

But, there are two sides to every coin. This colourful world also has another side which is horrible enough to scare you. In the dark side of this world, you'll see bins full of failed ideas and shattered dreams.

Here is what may happen to you in these no so sunny days and dark nights:

  1. You May Feel Stuck, Dissatisfied and Overwhelmed

Satisfaction kills growth, but dissatisfaction kills happiness. Entrepreneurs always feel that they should be better, accomplishing more, more productive, more careful, and so on.

They celebrate achievements, but there's always something more to do in their mind. Not being in the moment and making as much as possible from it takes a toll in the long run. Startup owners keep looking for more money. Unicorns search for more funding and the circle never stops.

The time keeps running and entrepreneurs keep planning their next step. Focusing just on how far you have to go not just brings inspiration; it additionally invites the feeling of getting stuck in something.

2. You Won't Raise Money Overnight

You always hear the tales of overnight successes and imagine that you can get the same level of success easily. You formulate a plan, make contacts and begin telling people regarding your plan to get funding.

And all this to realize that the investors are not at all interested in your idea. They see flaws and uncertainty in your plan. After this point, the business plan created by you may also fall flat.

In the worst case scenario, you may feel too afraid to start it all again.

For such conditions, you have to remember that successes never happen overnight. They are the products of years of practice and failure.

3. You, Will, Feel Insecure

As an Entrepreneur, you question your choices many times. You won't find anybody to help you out. This is the disadvantage of becoming your very own boss. You can't request directions all the time, even if you have mentors.

And this thing often leads to the feeling of Insecurity.

4. Your Co-Founders May Leave You Mid-Way

There are various reasons why your co-founders may leave your startup, and it is absolutely not an exceptional event in the startup world. But, when it happens it might look like that everything has finished and your dream seems to be shattered.

5. Your Personal Life Will Suffer

The first thing each entrepreneur prepares himself for is working hard every day and night. There are so many people you have to meet. So many meetings you have to attend, a lot to be discussed over a cup of coffee and a lot more things.

Startups need constant attention and commitment. They are clingy and don't give you space for anything else. Because of all these reasons, your personal life will definitely take a back seat.

Getting success as an entrepreneur is no simple task, but if you are aware of reality, it becomes just a little bit easier. I am not trying to take you out of becoming an entrepreneur. It is without a doubt an exciting and thrilling journey but at the same time it also has its frustrating side and anybody who is about to step in this world must be aware of that too to realistically prepare for it.