5 Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs to Enhance their Leadership Skills

Leadership is not about viewing things from the top, but rather it is an art of creating more leaders

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Millennials have, for quite some time, been under the radar for their infamous perceptions that differ greatly from their predecessors. However, it is these ideologies that bear the capability to challenge conventional norms and give rise to something unique. The essence of this rarity can be brought around by the thriving minds of the millennials. It is they who seek to change the quintessential understanding of the corporate culture and of the world around them. Leadership under millennials can be an interesting propaganda and here we list out certain key elements that will be highly intrinsic in helping them enhance their actions to fight from the front.

Believe in Guidance and Not Micro-Management

Let's face it. No one likes to be told they are wrong or be patronized into realizing that their jobs could have been easily handled by someone else. By understanding the difference between guidance and nagging, a good leader can bring in a positive change in the follower where they will willingly delve themselves into the task of a job well done. By creating the culture of equality and treating teammates as equal, the leader automatically paves a way to betterment for them and enrich their professional lives multi-fold. Be a mentor and a friend.

Never Stop Learning

Leadership has often been wrongly aligned with an end to learning. Demarcating boundaries with respect to the learning process is like putting the cart in front of the horse. By engaging in the practice of constant learning, a good leader opens up to the world of not bookish knowledge but a practical understanding of the real world where they receive enlightenment by the people around, their stories and achieve the true concept of information. Furthermore, by engaging in a one on one discussion, a good leader also cultivates relationships that go beyond the notion of hierarchy, thereby, opening the portal of open communication and not to forget, high productivity.

Walk the Talk

Long speeches and motivational quotes might only take you so far. It is the leader's dedication and the will to focus on result orientation that helps take them and team towards the goal on the horizon. A genuine leader possesses ownership qualities and assesses his own mental persona, without wasting time in changing other's perspective but rather influence them and tap into their credibility. The work is delegated to everyone where problems are solved together and analysed daily as a team rather as a one-man show. This way, there is a chance for the greater good that can be achieved through their everyday contribution. It is the good leader that brings in all these aspects under one roof.


Be the quirky leader that you always meant to be. Research states that productivity around fun leaders is at the all-time high, in contrast to the mainstream ones. A remarkable leader ditches the concept of closed loops and limited communication, adapts to contemporary ideas, gives room to experiment and indulges in some real work management. Being nimble and flexible is the mantra to hit that sweet spot of overall success.

Be a Visionary

Why do you think Arjuna was so skilled at his archery? It was because of his unwavering focus. A good leader never shirks away from spending time in refining themselves. It is a success that they chase, and that requires innate planning, along with the capability to culminate the vision into ambition and finally, to realization. Their idea and insight have that clarity that is often amiss in others and this gives them the reinforcement to face issues at hand, leading to the crafting of scalable solutions.

Leadership is not about viewing things from the top, but rather it is an art of creating more leaders.

Rhea Punjabi

Image and Self Enhancement Coach

As an image and self-enhancement coach, Rhea Punjabi is skilled at helping her clients to tap their innate potential and live a life of fullness.

Over the last two years, Rhea has conducted numerous group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions focused on life skills, happiness and image management. She is especially passionate about working with the youth and enabling them to rediscover their self-confidence and self-belief.

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