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Five Reasons Why the Future of Work Lies in Freelancing The companies prefer outsourcing the work to freelancers to save their costs on additional labour and the set-up.

By Ayush Goyal

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Freelancing has become a significant career option today. Not just among adult, people at their old-age, the young students too have started pursuing their career in the field of freelancing. With the rise in the scope of freelancing, the industry is seen growing vastly. The question here arises about what has led to such a massive change? How and why can we say that the future of work lies in freelancing? Here are some viewpoints that prove that freelancing is the future of work!

Millennials Love Flexibility

The youth may engage on a full-time basis for a job. But these people have grown with their smartphones at all time. They have a desperate craving for novelty, connection and immediacy. The expectations of these millennials are so high that they will not like working at a company for a decade and waiting for a decent hike. While they think for their career, they expect much more than their experience. They hold a frustration of slow success.

An added reason to why this flexibility exists is the ease of getting a freelancing task. All they need to do is search online, and they will be able to see many freelance jobs posted on several platforms. They end up connecting with the ultimate customer evading the middlemen and earning huge.

Ease of Access to the Internet Technology

The internet has connected the intact world. The scope of learning, connecting and working online is vast. The companies prefer outsourcing the work to freelancers to save their costs on additional labour and the set-up. The companies might have loads of work at times and no work at some other time. Thus, in order to assure the work is done as and when they get it, these companies end up hiring a large number of people. However, they have to bear the cost of their idle time as well as inefficiency in terms of salary and various other costs. While they are trying to solve these issues, they find hiring freelancers the best way to get done with the work that too efficiently. There is no payment of full-time and it's just the task for what freelancers are paid. On the other hand, they being experienced with the work diversity, the client companies end up reaching out to the creative and efficient working hands.

No Age Barriers

There is always an age limit at work. One needs certifications and qualifications to get the job and retire from the organisation after a particular period. However, freelancing is an industry where anyone can work from anywhere, no matter what they qualify with. All one looks for it's their skills and past work. Especially for the travelling enthusiasts, it is one of the best jobs to have along with enjoying their life exploring.

Diversity in the Options

Freelancing is where we work from home or anywhere that we like to. It gives us the option to work at any point in time of the day. Thus, people have started taking the benefit of the same where they invest their time in learning new skills, enhancing them and diversifying the scope of their work. Consequently, their additional qualifications let them get into the diversity of services. Connecting with multiple clients for different types of projects evades the possibilities of monotonous jobs.

No Barrier to Earnings

Freelancing allows a person to earn as much as they want. Their earnings are entirely based on the time they invest and the output they produce. Unlike a regular job, it is not constant no matter how much more or less they work. Thus, more the efforts you put in, more would be the earnings. It evades the barriers to earning.

These being the primary reasons, we can say that freelancers are likely to hold the significant business industry in the future. And thus, the future of work will lie in freelancing.

Ayush Goyal


Founded by Ayush Goyal in 2016, is India’s fastest growing crowd sourced freelance marketplace that connects talented independent and skilled persons with others who need their services. This platform is the first step to unifying a split workforce. Currently, millions of people are hustling in cafes, reaching out to friends and past clients to find work.

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