Ayush Goyal

Co-founder, Missionkya.com

Founded by Ayush Goyal in 2016, Missionkya.com is India’s fastest growing crowd sourced freelance marketplace that connects talented independent and skilled persons with others who need their services. This platform is the first step to unifying a split workforce. Currently, millions of people are hustling in cafes, reaching out to friends and past clients to find work.


Growth Strategies

How Freelancing is an Energy Booster for Full-Time Working Professionals

Freelancing can actually be a mind-freshening technique if you work on something you like. Like discussed above, it can help your mind divert from the office stress and also help you be mentally occupied


Five Reasons Why the Future of Work Lies in Freelancing

The companies prefer outsourcing the work to freelancers to save their costs on additional labour and the set-up.

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