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How Freelancing is an Energy Booster for Full-Time Working Professionals Freelancing can actually be a mind-freshening technique if you work on something you like. Like discussed above, it can help your mind divert from the office stress and also help you be mentally occupied

By Ayush Goyal

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We come across a lot of professionals moving from full-time jobs to freelancing and vice versa. They end up making altogether different decisions either indulging in full-time jobs or completely into freelancing. However, there are people who freelance and work as full-time employees too. Research states that these professionals who are into at least two domains of business are much happier than the ones who hold one domain of expertise! Wondering how freelancing can be an energy booster for full-time professionals? What makes them more content? Let's find out!

Helps Divert One's Mind From the Office Stress

Just like a full-time job, freelancing requires the focus of the individual towards work, deviating his attention from all other possibilities of stress. Freelancing is altogether a different level of motivation when you know you will be able to pay off your bills, EMIs or plan vacations better. Working on something apart from what you did throughout the day at the office actually maintains a balance in work. It has a huge impact on the mind game that makes one feel more relaxed during office hours too.

Freelancing in Your Favourite Domain With a Full-time Job in Hand is the Best Combination!

There are two ways one can plan his career. One, he may take up a job that he is passionate about and keep doing it all day all night. Two, he may choose to work full-time and office and come back home and spend time freelancing on what he is passionate. The combination of having a full-time job and freelancing is the best option one can have to make a smooth career. Making money and following your passion would go hand in hand.

1 Hour of Freelancing Can Make You Feel Different, Talented and Help You Grow

When talking about a full-time job, one gets constrained to a particular area and work. They perform tasks in just one industry and tend to have no knowledge about the other industries. However, when you come home and work for at least 1 hour every day or over the weekends, this change gives you a chance to explore more in the industry. You end up exploring two different fields ultimately making you more talented and grow in career. For example, freelance content writers, graphic designers, video developers are asked to build content on a different section of the industry. Thus, even if you are into a full-time job as an engineer or in finance, you are likely to be more aware and skilled compared to your colleagues giving you a competitive edge.

Build an Extraordinary Portfolio

In addition to your full-time job, as a freelancer, you might be working with N number of clients across a versatile domain. Considering your growth as an individual, the additional and different work will only an add-on to your resume. Connecting with different clients gets you an understanding of how different industries operate. And maybe this experience and skills come out to be a benefit in your full-time job too!

Once you've been into freelancing for quite some time, you will have an amazingly diversified portfolio than such a normal or boring resume in hand.

Get to Know About the Economy

Freelancers tend to have a wider knowledge about the economy of their country for when they dive deep into customer research for projects, there's a lot to know. Freelancers interact with multiple people daily through different mediums with social media being the most proactive mediums of communication. Furthermore, there are various websites online specially designed for clients and freelancers letting them interact and get the work done. Communication with different people in different sectors makes the freelancers much aware of the prevailing conditions of the economy.

Final Words

Freelancing is a beautiful job that has lately broadened out in the market among professionals. While many have dropped out their jobs and started as full-time freelancers, the combination of freelancing with a full-time job, especially in your 20s is the best. Freelancing can actually be a mind-freshening technique if you work on something you like. Like discussed above, it can help your mind divert from the office stress and also help you be mentally occupied. And what can be better when fetching money comes out to be stress-booster and energy developer. Try exploring different options in freelancing and maybe it works well for you too!

Ayush Goyal


Founded by Ayush Goyal in 2016, is India’s fastest growing crowd sourced freelance marketplace that connects talented independent and skilled persons with others who need their services. This platform is the first step to unifying a split workforce. Currently, millions of people are hustling in cafes, reaching out to friends and past clients to find work.

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