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How Mompreneurs Are Inspiring Sustainable Lifestyle Choices Driven by the determination and grit to create a better present and future for their children, and harnessing the creative power that comes with motherhood for most women, mompreneurs are taking the lead in creating opportunities that can drive people to make sustainable life choices

By Anamika Sengupta

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The current pandemic and the resultant lockdown has forced people to sit up and take notice of all the toxic and unhealthy life choices that had become a part of a fast-paced urban lifestyle. It has also made people aware of the significance of a healthy lifestyle choices, while understanding that natural alternatives over chemical and synthetic products, is a much wiser choice, for both, the environment and the overall human wellbeing.

While sustainable entrepreneurship has already been taking baby steps in India, the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the sector. And mommy entrepreneurs are leading this. Driven by the determination and grit to create a better present and future for their children, and harnessing the creative power that comes with motherhood for most women, mompreneurs are taking the lead in creating opportunities that can drive people to make sustainable life choices. Here are some key areas where they are making an impact.

Natural alternatives to everyday needs

From replacing everyday plastic products such as tooth brushes, combs and cutlery to even cleaning products in the kitchen, mompreneurs are creating innovative natural products as alternatives to toxic plastic. Be it bamboo toothbrushes, neem wood combs or coir cleaning products to even stainless steel cutlery, including reusable metal and bamboo straws, spoon and fork cutlery in comfortable travel kits, etc., are becoming popular among people who are conscious about the toxic impact of plastic.

Organic food products

What you eat is what you become. While there have been conversations around healthy food that can help reduce risks of lifestyle diseases, there is also growing concern about chemical and pesticides laden foods that, although "technically' healthy, may actually be carcinogenic and cause more harm than can he easily detected. Organic food, growth through natural practices that enhances the nutritional value of food while also aiding environment, is the also gaining popularity. From raw vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains to packaged foods such as organic juices or butters etc., made without preservatives and artificial flavouring, are some offerings that are gaining acceptance. Apart from nutritious and healthy food quality and a sustainable procurement practices, these entrepreneurs are also providing support and growth opportunities to farmers through ethical sourcing and fair price dealings.

All natural wellness

While food and everyday essentials are important factors, wellness and grooming is the next segment with maximum chemical and plastic toxicity. Apart from harming the skin with an overload of synthetic chemicals and processes that may cause adverse effects in the long run, the regular grooming and wellness products have become a nuisance for the environment as well, causing both chemical and plastic pollution. Curating handmade, and holistic wellness products using 100 per cent natural ingredients and eliminating plastic packaging etc., is another segment with mompreneurs making a huge impact. Be it exotic handmade soaps, shampoo bars and conditioner bars, soothing bath salts, fragrant candles, to natural moisturisers, hair oils and massage oils, the shift to all natural wellness and grooming products, is growing rapidly.

Recycling and re-using

This is another area that has seen active initiative from momprenerus. From up-cycling fashion and making accessories or fashion statements using discarded fabric, to providing solutions for recycling plastic, making DIY compost at home and re-using and recycling basic everyday wastes, is helping drive conscious consumerism and spread awareness about minimising waste. Further, these initiatives are also driving local employment opportunities and helping municipalities to reduce the burden on urban landfills.

 Anamika Sengupta is a promoter of sustainable living and co-founder, Almitra Sustainables
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