Roles to Run a Successful Adventure Sports Company

People want to participate in adventure sports because such sports are thrilling and have an element of danger, here,s what you need to know

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The popularity of adventure sports is growing across India as revealed by an Adventure Travel Survey result showing 46per cent of respondents were willing to participate in extreme adventure sports. This means people who know how to manage an adventure sports business have the opportunity to offer their services to Indians eager for a jolt of adrenalin, possible only from participating in adventure sports. To run a successful adventure sports company, first and foremost, demands one have a passion for adventure sports. There are also a few other qualities necessary to successfully run an adventure sports company, these are described below.

There are two broad spheres of managing an adventure sports business; an external sphere and an internal one. In the external sphere of an adventure sports business are the instructors of the sports business, the equipment used by the business, and oversight ensuring that adventure sports are done as safely as possible. The internal sphere consists of the commercial activities of an adventure sports business. Commercial activities like marketing, generating and managing inquiries, and providing customer support fall in the internal sphere of an adventure sports business.

The External Sphere

To be successful an adventure sports company must manage the following factors in the external sphere of their business.

Expert Instructors are Essential for Success

Although the Adventure Travel Survey revealed 46per cent of Indians were willing to participate in adventure sports, 51per cent of respondents revealed they would not participate in adventure sports managed by Indian operators. This indicates a crisis of confidence among Indian adventure sports enthusiasts towards Indian operators. Many Indians who participate in extreme adventure sports do so overseas under the guidance of foreign instructors. To attract more Indian participants to adventure sports in India it is necessary to have top-notch instructors. The quality of instructors an adventure sports business has is essential to its success. One of the ways an adventure sports business can succeed is by employing good instructors of foreign origin with the required credentials or Indians with huge experience in world-class companies.

Safety is Paramount to Success

People want to participate in adventure sports because such sports are thrilling and have an element of danger, but no one wants to be injured participating in an adventure sport. To successfully run an adventure sports business, it's necessary to use equipment made by the most reputed manufacturers. There is no margin for mistakes in adventure sports; successful adventure sports companies have experts who know how to examine equipment and when to phase out equipment. Successful adventure sports companies also prepare for every eventuality meaning they have personnel trained to respond to emergencies. To be successful, an adventure sports company must introduce training manuals from the day it hires personnel so that in the event of an emergency, everyone knows what to do. Adherence to safety should not only be drilled into each staff member but also visible to the end customer, in every action taken. This gives people the satisfaction and confidence that all is safe here.

An Adventure Sports Business is unlike any other

Most businesses are motivated by profits, but success running an adventure sports business often means forgoing large profits in favour of giving customers the safest and most thrilling experience. Those managing an adventure sports company have to run a disciplined business in which safety takes precedence over profits. This means they may serve fewer customers, but those they serve have a safe and exciting experience. When customers have a safe and thrilling experience, they're eager to spread the word to their friends and family who're more likely to take part in adventure sports organised by the company.

The Internal Sphere

Success in the external space is necessary for an adventure sports business because such success creates good customer experiences and leads to a positive word of mouth. However, success in the internal space is essential for a business to attract customers and build a brand.

Marketing is Essential

To attract customers and let them know the kinds of activities the adventure sports company offers, it's necessary for the company to create a platform where visitors can learn about the company. This means an adventure sports company should have an active website and social media page which gives information about the company. At such a site, information like the qualification of instructors and the kind of equipment used should be displayed. An adventure sports company should be ranked well by search engines so people who want to participate in adventure sports can contact the company easily.

Enhance Perception Using ATO Registration

Efforts must be made to have the adventure sports business to be recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. This adds immense credibility and makes the company a part of the respected fraternity, and a member of associations such as Adventure Tour Operator (ATO) which enhances the perception.

Rahul Nigam

Managing director and Founder, Jumpin Heights

Rahul Nigam is the Managing director and founder of Jumpin Heights.

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