The Agri-cultarist Gramophone's focus is on developing robust B2B retailer network and platform as they look to improve the profitability of farming ecosystem across India

By Saptak Bardhan

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Gramophone is a full stack technology platform that acts as one-stop solution for farmers and aims to make farming scientific and intelligent for farmers intending to double their income. Harshit believes the reason why Gramophone stands out from the rest of the competition is because the company strives to stand by its vision. The vision of reinventing the agriculture sector to make the farmer's life better and the mission to empower farmers to maximize their income and reduce risks by providing them technology driven access to the best of agriculture intelligence, products, services, and buyers' connect tools in a convenient manner. Gramophone has served 12 lakh-plus farmers and has listed produce worth USD 200 million on the company's online output marketplace and connected farmers with 5000-plus traders across 100-plus mandis and have network of AEs powering commerce across 30,000-plus villages across central India.

"On the input business side, our customers primarily include farmers, we handhold the farmer with respect to the right mix and type of agri-inputs across the farming lifecycle via our omni-channel ecommerce platform. Gramophone's expert agronomy advice, and farm management solutions empower farmers to follow the right practices, save more and grow more" says Harshit.

The company has also started the input B2B business, where Gramophone functions as a one-stop shop for retailers' agroinput procurement needs whereas on the output business side, the company provides farmers market linkages and connect them with trusted buyers across India. According to Harshit, the startup is looking to expand to new geographies already having a strong presence in MP. The startup established its operations in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh as they target to expand in three more states and reach to two
million plus farmers in the upcoming financial year. The focus is on developing robust B2B retailer network and platform as they look to improve the profitability of farming ecosystem across India.

Over 1.2 million plus farmers have benefitted from Gramophone's products and services owing to which the company has seen a 4 times increase in revenues over last year and plans to grow aggressively.

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Saptak Bardhan

Former Trainee Writer

Former Trainee Writer

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