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The Sustainable Realtor: Pranav Sharma, MD, Felicity Adobe The startup has worked with 13 different EPC and IPP companies, impacting the lives of 8000+ farmer families. With Swarna Griha, they have delivered homes to 2000+ families.

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Pranav Sharma, MD, Felicity Adobe

Hailing from the Pink City, Pranav Sharma has always been curious to learn new things and explore hidden opportunities. His time at BITS Pilani as a BE. Manufacturing and Industrial Processes student helped him in a solid foundation in engineering principles and practices.Fresh out of college after an internship with Deloitte, he knew he was ready to take on the real world with Felicity Adobe LLP, a real estate and energy startup. But, what led him to establish this venture? "I think an eureka moment for any entrepreneur is when he figures out an opportunity to bridge the gap of demand and supply for any service in a particular demographic. For me, it was travelling to tier 2 and tier 3 cities in Karnataka and figuring out the immense potential these places have in terms of economic, social, and sustainable development. The budding economy of these cities made me think of immense demand and close to no supply of services like housing, renewable energy generation, and the overall infrastructure around it," shares Pranav Sharma, MD, Felicity Adobe.

Felicity Adobe is a bootstrapped company where Sharma and his father hold equal equity. What makes the startup stand apart from the rest? "The idea to build the business in the realm of sustainable development is what makes Felicity Adobe a very unique business," Sharma shares. The startup has two verticals- Valente NRG and Swarna Griha. While Valente NRG manages energy production and operations, Swarna Griha operates as a real estate enterprise, "In both the fields of Swarna Griha and Valente NRG, we were able to figure out the pain points of the service provider and the consumer, making a win-win situation for both." Sharma adds that at Valente NRG, they are able to get farmers recurring income from barren and drought-hit land, and for the EPC/IPP Company, the upfront capex was distributed for a period of 25 years in leases, leaving them more scope for expansion in the state. Over the seven years, they have accumulated partners such as Adani Power, Tata Power, and Ayana Power, to name a few.

The startup has worked with 13 different EPC and IPP companies, impacting the lives of 8000+ farmer families. With Swarna Griha, they have delivered homes to 2000+ families.

Sharma adds that the startup has been profitable since the first year and there is no better place to be right now than India in the present time. "The kind of demand present in this market is unmatched. The diversity and large demographic make it even more beautiful, as a developing market will always have moNo. Of Co-Founders: 2 No O F Employees: 100+ Year Of Inception 2017re opportunities and fewer barriers to entry compared to an already developed one. I would be proud if I could even tap 1% of the market capacity in the housing and renewable power business in my whole career. I think acquiring land banks in the potentially developing cities which might see an uptrend in the local economy will prove to be a catalyst in our growth," Sharma concludes.


No. of Co-Founders: 2

No of Employees: 100+

Year Of Inception: 2017

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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