This Entrepreneur Devised Peculiar Business Decisions For Startups Dr. John L. Evans is the founder of Evans&Evans and has been training and consulting business and political leaders for over 20 years

By Shishir Jajoo

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Dr. John L. Evans

Entrepreneurs have enthralling lives that are full of both benefits and risks. Even business owners, on occasion, require the services of competent consultants. Mentorship is the best option in these situations. Mentors may teach entrepreneurs crucial lessons and help them fine-tune their business plans. Mentorship can successfully guide a firm in a variety of ways, from devising particular business decisions to forming new alliances. One such name who is diligently working for the same is Dr. John L. Evans. He is the founder of Evans&Evans and has been training and consulting business and political leaders for over 20 years.

This internationally sought keynote speaker and expert on genuine persuasion is a Positive Organizational Scholar and has been training and consulting business and political leaders for over 20 years. Dr. John L. Evans has lectured on a variety of topics from Shanghai to St. Louis to Milan, which include COVID Stress Management - Sustainable Energy: YOUR'S!, Delivering Extraordinary Client Experiences, Fundamentals Of Negotiations, Trust Building For Heightened Productivity, Presentation Giving To A New World Audience, Quality Client Acquisition, 1-on-1 Executive Coaching. Being known for presenting his lectures and keynotes with a lot of vigor, he was recently chosen by the Governor of Florida to advise an aviation authority on client experience.

When asked what he would like to suggest to the young entrepreneurs about getting a consultation, the founder of Evans&Evans consulting, Dr. John L. Evans stated, "With their seeming lack of expertise and business skills, new entrepreneurs can benefit much from mentorship. Getting a consultation might help you fill in the gaps in your niche's knowledge as it assists one in better understanding the market and how to respond to its demands. In my opinion, seeking out an industry-specific mentor is more beneficial than a general mentor who may give generic counsel that may not address the nuances of your sector. One who has walked in your shoes and can professionally assist you through the obstacles of your startup can help you tackle the hindrances that you face. "

Functioning on some of the highest designations in the hierarchy as he spent approximately 13 years as the head of a consulting unit for Januss Henderson Investors, 7 years as the Vice President of Sales for Florida American Century Investments, and was the Executive Assistant to a U.S. Senator before joining Evans&Evans, he has always been setting new milestones. Apart from these, he has also written four books, two of which were best-sellers, for Barron's and The Orlando Sentinel. He is also counted as an outstanding contributor to the Boys and Girls Club for his creation of the "Keep It Real" speaker series for disadvantaged black youth. His company, Evans&Evans is a unique consulting firm dedicated to working with forward-thinking enterprises and the men and women who lead them to achieve their goals.

With his primary vein as a financial advisor, the target audience for Dr.John L. Evans is the leadership of a variety of organizations. Recognizing his potential and persistence, Dr. John L. Evans has been felicitated with several awards as well which include the Most influential person by Orlando Sentinel, Most Creative by American Century Investments, and Most Innovative by Janus Henderson Investors. His dissertation, a qualitative case study, focused on the rituals for the improvement of company culture, he is aimed to continue to have an overwhelmingly positive impact on his position as a Positive Organizational Scholar.

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