This Entrepreneur is Giving a New Way to 'Pollution Capture' Projects

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Entrepreneur Magazine is glad to present Anirudh Sharma, founder and director of Graviky Labs who made it to our 35 under 35 special.

On a fine sunny day on a dusty road in Mumbai, when a truck passed by leaving clouds of black fumes and pigments on his white shirt, rather than wash it, Anirudh thought of extracting ink out it. That's practically how Graviky Labs seem to have come about to life. And not just that, he let his idea lead a few scientists quit their jobs to work on developing the technology for the "pollution capture' project, as he calls it.

He and his team have now developed "Kaalink', a retrofit to the exhaust of engines that captures around 95% of particulate matter pollution to turn it into recyclable products like ink, carbon nano tubes and even future wearables. Thousands of artists, companies and state governments have already subscribed to his "Air Ink' to paint their canvases green and reduce their carbon footprints. Talking about his long term plans, Anirudh Sharma says, "Eventually Graviky will become this hub of R&D that will drive future innovation within India by applying creativity and technology and basic science to have a space in India that it solves its inward problems".

Interestingly, Anirudh is the brain behind a slew of technological innovations like Sparsh, a multi-touch large display screen, Lechal, an AI enabled footwear for the visually disabled, Glassified, a smart ruler, MozArt, a multimodal interface for 3D modeling and now Graviky labs which apart from pollution capture, is also working on Chalkaat, a high tech augmented reality based laser cutter for industries.

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