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This Techpreneur Believes In Patience To Overcome Adversities Vikas Kaushik, Founder & CEO of TechAhead, has set new benchmarks in service excellence and his company is regarded as one of the fastest-growing digital transformation agencies

By Srivatsa KR

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Vikas Kaushik, Founder & CEO of TechAhead

Vikas Kaushik, a first-generation entrepreneur, launched TechAhead in 2009 to leverage technology for empowering businesses to drive innovation and growth. In the last 12 years, TechAhead has successfully delivered 2,000-plus mobile apps, digital platforms, and IoT solutions for startups, SMEs, Fortune 500 organizations, and some of the biggest global brands across the world.

With a team consisting of more than 240 members with skill sets spanning across designing, UX/UI, programming, artificial intelligence, business development, mobile app engineering, digital marketing, business analysis, and more, TechAhead has set new benchmarks in service excellence and is regarded as one of the fastest-growing digital transformation agencies.

The entrepreneurial journey

Kaushik had a humble beginning, starting from Delhi University where he completed his BSc Honors in mathematics. Technology and customer service was something that fascinated him from the beginning, and after spending some years in the corporate hierarchy, he decided to start TechAhead in 2009 without much clarity on what to do but with a very strong conviction and belief to build a tech company which creates value for clients and a great career and growth platform for team members.

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, he didn't have any support system or financial backup. He had his fears of failures, financial breakdowns, but they didn't stop him from executing his vision in the best possible manner.

He is grateful for the wonderful team at TechAhead who left no stone unturned to deliver the best for the clients and of course to clients for their continued trust in the team's capabilities.

Delighted customers and a smile at his team member's faces motivates him to move forward.

Managing the pandemic

To be honest, it was tough, and it was challenging, he says. "We were witnessing a world that never existed before, and tackling issues that no one ever dreamt of. But during these challenging times, our team stood up together, joined forces, and promised that no matter what the situation is, we will not stop. We promised ourselves that we will resist this tsunami of the pandemic, lockdowns, economic slowdown, and other challenges, and we will emerge victoriously. And we did it."

In the last two years or so, even since the pandemic started, TechAhead thrived, expanded, and grew at a healthy pace, even surpassing forecasts and plans. The team ensured that employees are safe, and protected against the virus.

"We ensured delivery of all projects, albeit with little delays. We maintained communication and dialogue with our clients, and we improvised and adopted and we continued to deliver results. We are now more stronger and focused than ever."

Keeping pace with digital transformation

Behind all extraordinary change, is the willpower to make it happen and technology has the magical characteristic that drives digital transformations. That is the core of what TechAhead does.

Technology is the catalyst that changes every business rule, creating endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and founders by empowering them to dream, grow, and reach their goals!

Today, a small startup can solve millions of people's problems by empathizing with their users' needs, he believes. An established company can understand the trends of the market with super intuitive, forward predicting business intelligence, and hundred-year-old institutions can get toppled over with the innovation of an entrepreneur's idea and a simple click, according to Kaushik.

TechAhead USP

"One eventuality we have confidence in is that user adaptability for a digital life is no longer a luxury or an option, but a necessity and a reality. No business should ignore this fact."

Kaushik believes in enabling future leaders and innovators with the support they need to grow so that they can provide a safe and trustworthy experience for their users.

By following that philosophy, and listening to the voice of the people, TechAhead ends up reaping what it sows. "Our success comes from empowering our partners and clients."

By disrupting the status quo of mediocrity and delivering exceptional digital experiences, the team ends up solving real-world problems. "We were among the first in the industry to deploy advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobility solutions, and more. We have been blessed and are very proud to be the digital partners of 600+ global brands in the last 12 years."

Tapping Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things

What was considered a luxury tech for businesses to be involved in is now a necessity since interconnected devices and digital-savvy users have become the norm. Businesses can greatly benefit from leveraging the power of AI and IoT to meet their business goals.

"When the UK's leading heat control service provider wanted a new platform to digitize their services, we deployed IoT to deliver a never-seen-before mobility solution that helped their users save 50% on their electricity bills. We have also deployed IoT in real estate, home automation, the home lighting industry, to name a few, and empowered their growth at an astonishing pace helping them become established leaders in their market in a short time."

The Challenges

The past decade has thrown a lot of challenges at Kaushik, tested his limits, and examined patience. But thanks to the awesome team at TechAhead, as a family, they showcased an amazing quality of resilience, and every time they defeated the adverse circumstances to rise and thrive.

"The Pandemic of 2020 made us realize how vulnerable human life is, and all our efforts were directed towards making sure that our team members are safe and healthy. We implemented work from home for the entire team, provided medical and healthcare assistance for everyone, and at the same time, ensured that our business was not disrupted."

"Looking back, all I can say is that thanks to the Almighty, we cleared most of the obstacles that were thrown at us, and used them as bricks to pave our path towards growth and success."

The victories

"First and foremost, a big thanks to our esteemed clients, and well-wishers, who believed in our vision and passion for the last 12 years, and always pushed us towards excellence."

During this journey, Kaushik said they have won some big-ticket projects, from some of the biggest global brands and ignited a revolution in their business operations. But the most satisfying victories were achieved, when they were pushed against the wall during the pandemic, and they felt helpless and weak.

It was during those moments, that they gave their best shot, innovated, used the power of technology and digital to script some amazing success stories such as The Healthy Mummy, Boxtly, ACDI, OrderNow, The And Relationship Card Game, and more clients.

For The Healthy Mummy, for instance, they scaled their user-base to more than 2 million by revamping their mobile app. For The And Relationship Card Game, they re-created an Emmy Award-winning design experience and more.

"All credit for these wins and victories goes to our passionate team who consider TechAhead as their extended family. I am grateful for their support and love."

Learnings from failures

"This entrepreneurial journey has taught me a lot of things, and failure has been the greatest teacher among them all. We are extremely grateful to our clients who supported our vision, and my incredible team that refuses to give up even during the hardest of times. The pandemic was an entirely different phase, hitting us with new problems and new failures that we never planned."

But the biggest advice that Kaushik wants to give to new and young entrepreneurs is that: "Don't quit in between, no matter what. Failing does not make you a failure. Use the principle of AAA: Anticipate, Adapt & Act to solve problems and keep the bigger picture alive."

Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger

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