This Woman Entrepreneur Knows How To Balance Work and Life

Kritika Arora, founder of Hochads, juggles several duties in her everyday life as an entrepreneur, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a mother

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Rather than being a personality trait, entrepreneurship is a way of life. Although not limited to economic institutions, social considerations that are provided to every woman in India play a role in their path of beginning and running a successful business for eight years.

Kritika Arora

Well, we all know that it is pretty normal in Indian homes for women to take on additional responsibility in terms of raising children and maintaining the home with greater love and affection. In the field of female entrepreneurs, Kritika Arora is one such example. Aside from her regular work, being the family's nucleus is merely a part of her existence.

Kritika Arora juggles several duties in her everyday life as an entrepreneur, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a mother. Kritika's uttermost determination and desire for achieving big things have led her to where she is today, defying society standards and expectations of a working parent. It isn't a cakewalk, as flawless as her journey appears to be. She is confronted with unforeseen challenges on a daily basis.

She earned her MBA in operations from Amity University Noida, India, in 2008. Before launching her firm called Hochads, she had extensive experience in digital marketing and is an amazing operations manager in an area where outcomes are frequently used as a metric of success.

As a budding entrepreneur, she also co-founded Eleve, an influencer marketing agency running its 8th successful year. After stabilizing Eleve's platforms, she focused on creating an ad network specifically to be independent so that the clients do not have to face the conflict of interests.

Hochads is a product of hard work and love towards creating an agency that provides email marketing services, native advertisements, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, display ads and social media marketing. This brand new ad network helped her to provide state of the art solutions to every digital business that is performance-driven and result oriented.

It has some of the business giants as their clients like Samsung and Frankfinn, to name a few. Frankfinn is one of the biggest clients where the team generated such outstanding leads for the company that they held with the company for more than three years. Talking about the team, Hochads consists of a team that are exceptionally competent sales professionals and can yield quality brand advertisers to the websites that receive traffic in Asia.

In between creating a new ad network from scratch, being a mother of two little kids and having a business to run is not an easy job. From managing clients to looking after her kid's schoolwork, she ensures that her time is equally divided among it all. Travelling, meetings, and looking after kids can be too taxing sometimes, but as people say, with great powers comes great responsibility, and she is giving the best shot to make it all work.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the nation last year, like all the businesses, Hochads also went through some hard times as her struggle to keep the boat afloat became much more challenging. But, with the beginning of 2021, Hochads revived its old charm, and now it is not letting the graph go down. Kritika's formula for success is simple; enrich each ad call by leveraging advertiser partnerships and technology to drive high-yielding results for a publisher's inventory. And this has worked wonders for us in overachieving this quarter's targets.

Kritika is an inspiration to all the women out there who are waiting for the right opportunity to start something of their own. In a society where women are confined to be in a box and expected to play a single role, her journey is an apt example that women can come up with the idea for a business, start it up, organize and combine production aspects, run the firm, take chances, and deal with the economic uncertainty that comes with it. And that too, without compromising with any of their role in life.