3 Reasons You Need a Financial Adviser

A professional financial adviser can help make better decisions related to your investments, estate planning and prepare for goals

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There is free advice available for everything and Indians, in particular, are quick to grab anything free. Financial advice is no exception even though our hard-earned money is at stake. But, inaccurate investment advice can cost you dearly in the long term if it doesn't suit your goals, risk and investment horizon. A stock investment on a friend's tip or ultra-safe approach on your father's advice can both erode your wealth significantly.


A professional financial advisor can help make better decisions related to your investments, estate planning and prepare for goals. But, in today's time when information regarding everything is easily available on the internet, why should you spend on an adviser? To address this question, we give you three reasons why you need a financial advisor:

Information Galore

A quick search on the internet about whether to invest in NPS (National Pension System) or not will most probably give you conflicting results, like "why NPS is a must-have in your portfolio" and "why you should skip NPS".

Abundant information can sometimes leave us more confused, instead of empowering us to make better decisions. A professional advisor helps sift through variety of information and make decisions that suit your needs.

Too Many Choices, Too Little Time

There are over thousands of mutual fund schemes, fixed savings options, insurance plans and stocks available for investors to pick from. How do you decide where to invest? It is akin to going to a book store without a specific book in mind and trying to decide which one to pick. You may filter on the basis of genre and finally grab one with an attractive cover or written by a popular author. But, can you take such decisions with your money?

Picking the right investment takes time and proper research. Professional advisors keep track of markets and have ready-made investment plans tailored-made according to investors' risk profile, financial goals and investment horizon.

Control Emotional Investing

When you handle your finances on your own, it is hard to keep a check on your emotions and prevent them from influencing your investment decisions. Some investors easily panic during market turbulence and exit or pump in more money out of greed during a surge. Some may even impulsively withdraw their investments to fund a discretionary expense.

A professional advisor's job is to handhold investors through market movements and help make logical decisions.