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Ease of Business Via Banking Solutions Need of The Hour Whether it is about providing effective business solutions or simplifying banking needs, corporate banking in India has emerged as an indispensable part of India's Industrial sector.

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Since the advent of industrial growth in India, corporate banking and its supporting services have been on the rise. When it comes to business ventures, credit and financial services are inextricably linked together. The business environment entails a lot of financial hassles, cost management, and investments, which often prove to be a hefty task. Revised formats of banking in the contemporary contexts have boosted the growth of markets and corporate institutions. Technological inputs and marketing strategies have further made business driven banking a lot more convenient and promising. The various new initiatives by different banks have facilitated more efficient and seamless delivery corporate financial services. Some of the key benefits provided by these schemes are cost-effective risk management and sustainable portfolios.

Several business houses in India are entering international markets. In cut-throat business environment, commercial success depends on the ability to operate and scale up in an uncertain environment. As a result, comprehensive banking services are crucial in driving this growth in the right direction. Corporate banking in India has undergone a major transformation with the digitalisation of various banking services. They enable corporate organisations to get access to a diversity of risk management and hedging options. Additionally, transactions can be made in a jiffy through a host of payment portals. Such services can go a long way in mitigating the volatility and uncertainty in efficiently running a business. Corporations also rely heavily on data analytics to provide a thorough insight into consumer behaviour and preferences to enhance business and develop better relations with customers. It is no surprise that behind every successful business initiative, lies an efficient banking solution.

Recognising the specialised needs of the corporate sector which are very different from those of retail banking, Indian banks offer an array of services designed specifically for corporate clients. In close association with technological advancements, corporate banking solutions help business houses with wealth management, risk reduction, and customer satisfaction. This segment of banks typically serves various types of clients, ranging from small andmid-sized local businesses to large MNCs and conglomerates.

Specific schemes, lending rates, collaterals and concessions make it easier for corporates to apply for loans and acquire them subsequently. Under corporate banking solutions to promote industrial and commercial growth, most banks also provide services like asset management and securities underwriters. Corporate solutions also include loans and leases on equipment required for manufacturing and distribution. This increases production and ensures better services. Corporates may also avail of cash management services available under corporate banking to manage their working capital better and can also opt for better currency conversion schemes. Corporate banks also engage in commercial real estate services,which include real asset analysis, portfolio evaluation, and debt &equity structuring.

For ventures in the field of trade finances, corporate banking offers solutions in the direction of letters of credit, bill collection, and factoring.Additionally, some of the most beneficial employer services such as payroll and group retirement plans are commonly provided by these specialized affiliates of corporate banks.

One common benefit provided by banks to corporate clients is the Pay-As-You-Use service that ensures greater transparency and helps professionals to keep a tab on every account transaction. Electronic fund transfers help the corporates to evade the queues and redundant paper work to make financial services a lot more convenient and faster. 24/7 online banking services remove restrictions on corporate deals and facilitate instant cash flow. With the help of these online banking services, customers can directly transfer funds. Tracking payments and rectifying any discrepancy are also made possible with such plans. Another remarkable feature of corporate banking in India is the corporate e-wallet. This facilitates effective and secure cashless transactions that have proven to be highly advantageous to business prospects. Finally, business account apps and mobile accounts have revolutionized the way corporate banks operate in India. The financial and administrative needs of businesses can now be managed at the click of a button. The IndusDirect feature developed by IndusInd Bank is in keeping with their motto of "You ask, we deliver". Thus, whether it is about providing effective business solutions or simplifying banking needs, corporate banking in India has emerged as an indispensable part of India's Industrial sector.

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