Meet This Legendary Hedge Fund Manager Sean Chin MQ brings with him a wealth of commodities trading experience and built discipline

By Nishikanth Samarth

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Sean Chin MQ, founder of Olritz Financial Group,

Sean Chin MQ is the founder of Olritz Financial Group, an investment brokerage firm based in Australia, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Sean Chin MQ brings with him a wealth of commodities trading experience and built discipline.

With his outstanding performance, Sean Chin MQ has been promoted and achieved several awards during his 10 years of service in the financial industry including banking and trading.

Finding the path to professional trading

Before going pro, Sean Chin MQ has invested tremendous amount of time in learning and practicing the art of trading. Sean Chin MQ is grateful to his sensei from Japan who is who a Guru in graph-reading and pattern-plotting fundamentals. Sean Chin MQ enhanced his trading skills by self-practicing and back-testing. Sean has always been passionate and enthusiastic about trading, and one day his Guru encouraged him to participate in Asia's trading competition. His determination and sharp analytics skills in trades enabled him to beat most of the competitors and made him ranked second runner up in the Asia's trading competition in August, 2013. It was a breakthrough and a great achievement for Sean Chin MQ, also a record breaker for a Malaysian born trader. He was interviewed by Personal Money Financial Magazine.

Getting into the business

After all the training and competitions, Sean Chin MQ felt comfortable enough in the industry and his abilities to take responsibility and control into his own hands. He went further and started brokerage business in Hong Kong and china. Even though the financial markets are competitive, Sean Chin MQ entered the market fully geared up with all of his confidence and professional expertise, and capability to strategize excellent investment portfolio to generate profits for clients and of course his own investment brokerage firm. He was ready to hit the street.

The edge

In Hong Kong, Sean Chin MQ cultivated valuable experience of doing business in financial markets. But this was just the beginning for Sean Chin MQ. He then later ventured into pool fund operating with Vanguard Investment Group, giving his investment brokerage firm a flexibility and solid leverage to managed the funds for his clients.

Today Sean's asset management and securities firm, Olritz Financial Group, has grown to be a matured financial broker in financial sector, under Sean's portfolio managing nearly $150M. Its meteoric growth has derived from the ability to recognize and understand the needs of clients and offering flexible solutions to work closely with clients on their satisfied returns to financial flexibility.

Serving clients from different countries and jurisdictions have given Sean Chin MQ the vast experience to understand not only the local clients' requirements, but also the trade regulations from various countries. Meanwhile he has been assimilating great ideas and knowledge from all the strategic partners in different countries which opened Sean's insights and enhanced the skills in fund managements referring to the finance big data management.

Currently, Sean Chin MQ holds personal interest as a Director at Meta Assets Group and Prestige Capital Management Ltd.. He is well known in restructuring high net-worth investors portfolio and institutional assets from loss to profits.

For Sean Chin MQ, the most satisfying thing in life is to create consistent profit for all of his investors as he values every single dollar that his investors entrusted to his company.

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