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3 Important Life Lessons From India-Bangladesh ICC World T20 No matter what field you are in, no matter how weak the opposition is, never underestimate them.

By Tripti Narain

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Life in many ways is like a game of cricket. Who can forget that last over of India Bangladesh T20 held recently. Chasing 147 in 20 overs, Bangladesh fell short under pressure thanks to an exciting over from medium pacer Hardik Pandya that helped India through. That over has a set of important life lessons for entrepreneurs. Let's recap:

Don't get Bogged Down, Face It

Bangladesh needs 12 runs in the last over. Indians collectively are waiting with bated breath. Pandya goes for 2 fours in the first 3 balls. Despair sets in, it seems the game is over for India. However the last balls were relatively sensibly bowled. The first lesson is -- It is never lost until you lose it. Even if defeat is staring right at your face. Don't let it bog you down. Face it, do your best.

Wait Till It Actually Happens

Mushfiqur Rahman hits second four in the last over and punches in air. Now, just 2 runs needed off 3 balls. That should be simple, isn't it? Bangladeshis erupted clapping and cheering only to be disappointed minutes later. Here is the second lesson - never count your chickens before they are hatched.

Work on Your Strengths, Be Positive

Two runs needed in the last ball. Pressure growing, everyone knows India is just about to lose. Mr Cool, Dhoni, does not give away anything from his face - no emotions. He remains level headed and plays his game. Pandya bowls a dot to Shuvagata Hom, but the batsmen in an attempt to tie the match, runs, but not faster than Keeper Dhoni, who has this amazing sense to run the batsman out.

The third lesson here is for startup owners. Work with your strengths -- in today's competitive world, we just focus on addressing our weak points and improving them that very often we forget to build on our strengths. Knowing our strengths and using them to our advantage are important as working on our areas of improvements. Do what you are good at, and develop competence. And of course, have a postive attictude -- it'll help you overcome life's biggest hurdles.

India literally snatched the match from Bangladesh in the last minute, when no one was expecting it. Hence, India's one-run win was historic and teaches so many things. The most important takeaway from the unforgettable match is that - No matter what field you are in, no matter how weak the opposition is, never ever underestimate them. They want to win as much as you do. Just like India did. Way to go MS Dhoni!

Tripti Narain

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Media (India)

A Digital enthusiast, news specialist, entertainment junkie, unsolicited opinion giver, bona fide foodie and a Delhi lover. Join me @TriptiAbhishek on Twitter

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