#3 Tools Online Businesses Must Use in 2018 to be Truly Productive

Using visitor tracking tools can help an online business track how many visitors go to their website.

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Productivity is a major concern faced by maximum companies. The employees are the backbone of the organization, hence problems that cause low productivity can lead to poor performance in the workplace. However, online businesses can use several tools in the market to minimize distractions and manage time effectively.


Entrepreneur India lists out few tools online businesses must use to double their productivity in 2018 :

Tracking the Visitor's Mind:

Using visitor tracking tools can help an online business track how many visitors go to their website.

According to Ameen Khwaja, CEO & Founder, LatestOne.com, many online businesses need to understand how exactly are different users behaving on a certain page.

"Until sometime ago, while we had enough and more data to understand user behavior on our website, there was always an element of subjectivity in its interpretation. For example, if there's a sudden drop in a number of people towards checkout then there were a number of reasons we could attribute it to. More importantly, all of those could have been right," said Khwaja

User behavior differs from one segment to other.Therefore, it's important to get into the user's mind or monitor his on-page behavior.

Khwaja believes a pointer tracking technology is one such tool that can enable an online business to understand visitors and take action.

"It tracks clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, forms, and shows an anonymized recording of the activity from each visitor. This can be filtered and segmented for a better understanding, eliminating guesswork totally. We have been actively striving to improve user experience and availability of such a tool has helped us tremendously," he added.

SMO to Target Particular Community:

Pankaj Agarwal, Co-founder & MD, Just Organik feels SMO(Social Media Optimization) is one such tool that is going to be much more popular than it is already now. Also, moving forward the usage of social media optimisation will increase.

"This is mainly because of the growing penetration of the social media across different geographies and different demographics. Social media also provides the flexibility to be able to target a particular community (demographic profile) in a particular geography and hence is more direct and cost-effective," said Agarwal

Rishabh Vyas, CEO and Founder of Baromeeter also emphasized that in the coming years the use of SMO tool will further increase due to the growing social media across various geographies and demographics.

"The year 2018 will witness several opportunities for our business to develop. When technology is combined with productivity, it generates good results. It increases the productivity by using the right tools. No matter whether you are an entrepreneur or running a business for decades, boosting productivity means achieving goals and much more. One of the essential online tools to grow business in India is SMO. It is more direct as well as cost-effective," shared Vyas.

Find Quality Freelancers:

Subhasish Das, Co-founder and CEO of Trukky recommends Upwork tool for various types of online businesses to stay lean and productive.

"Upwork not only helps you connect with the right resource globally but also makes outsourcing easier. Through this tool, enterprises can outsource all non-core developments to freelance developers," said Das.