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#7 Ways E-commerce Sites Can Boost Profits during Festive Season Festivals have always presented an attractive environment to conduct business for both buyers and sellers.

By Shanky Kumar

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Gone are the days when people had a very stubborn approach of leading a stable life. The most widely used concept for the same was, having a secured job that would guarantee a stable monthly income. However today in the 21st century, widening horizon of the digital media and a deep penetration of the internet has caused a colossal disruption in the thought process of the masses. This has widely given rise to a lot people choosing the path of Entrepreneurship. Having said that it is essential to understand the thorough success of being an entrepreneur lies in the uniqueness of the product or the service that is being offered by the entrepreneur. Irrespective of the industry an entrepreneur would choose to set up his business, it is imperative to know that there is no industry that is free of impediments.

Fashion and lifestyle industry is the most rapidly growing industry in today's world and due to the enhanced reach of the digital media and a lot of people having adopted to the option of online shopping. Primary reason for this is that they can shop anywhere and everywhere within minutes which is contradictory to the original brick and mortar method. This has given a huge rise to a cut throat competition among the players in the segment. In order to enhance their sales and enrich customer engagement, many entrepreneurs come up with various techniques that would help achieve their goals. Festivals have always presented an attractive environment to conduct business for both buyers and sellers. Following are the 7 ways by which an E-commerce site can boost profits during festive season.

  • Revamp the website:The most important point of boosting the traffic on your online portal which would indirectly result in an upsurge in profits, is to have a very user friendly website. According to various studies this has been regarded as one of the most predominant factors that would increase the customer engagement on the website. Having a perfect web design and a customer centric website not only helps the brand pull in more profits but also makes it the top most on the buyers list.
  • On App Purchase: In today's world mobile applications have gained importance when it comes to shopping online. Considering the huge leap of the digital media and a considerable increasing in the percentage of population using smart phones, it's of prime importance that entrepreneurs should offer an exclusive discount for the consumers who shop using by using the mobile app. This is beneficial for both, the sellers as well as the buyers.
  • Discounts: Offering discounts during the festive seasons has been a long standing practice right from the brick and mortar days and it remains to be the one of the widely used techniques till date. Offering discounts on various products helps in customer engagement ultimately leading to an enhancement in the profits of the company.
  • Responsive website: Today where digital media has taken a huge leap, it has been observed that about 60% of the population uses mobile phones leading to a drastic shift of focus by the sellers to make a website that can be operated with ease on various electronic devices. The website should have optimum performance across screen and gadgets in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • One day delivery: Not many e-commerce sites offer this service. It is necessary to understand the emotions of buyers during festive season, as they expect a quick delivery of the product that they have chosen. Offering such a service to your customers not only gives the brand a leverage in the minds of the customers but also would enhance the credibility of the brand.
  • Leverage Social Media: Social media plays an integral part to influence the buyers' decision making process. People generally interact with their friends and colleagues, read reviews and expert opinions before finally deciding to shop or not shop for a particular product. As audiences are present for a considerable time of their day on social media it is imperative for ecommerce brands to leverage social media. Social media has precise target options which enable advertisers to reach a specific target audience keeping a close eye on cost
  • Tempting give aways: It's best to under promise and over deliver. One of the best ways to increase customer engagement and to boost up sales in the festive season is to offer a tempting give aways. This can be done in a couple of ways, either by offering a hundred percent discount along with the product that has been purchased, or by sending a gift at the time of the delivery.
Shanky Kumar

Director, Ellemora

Mr. Shanky Kumar is a director at Ellemora, a Bareilly based women’s online shopping portal. Mr. Kumar, an MBA graduate from MIT School of business has hands on experience in the real estate segment. Having worked with his father in their family owned business, Mr. Kumar was responsible for the launch and completion of 15 projects in the real estate sector. Mr. Kumar has a tenacity of striving towards perfection and believes in maintaining a strong customer relationship. With the launch of Ellemora, Mr. Kumar believes in changing the trends in the fashion industry by setting up new standards in the category of clothing by offering premium and exclusively designed apparels and accessories at a great price.

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