A Paradigm Shift In Newborn Photography This Startup is Capturing child's journey into adulthood in a customised memorabilia.

By Samiksha Jain

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Bundle of Joy

Memories are not made out of the obvious posed shots but candid cheerful natural smiles. Kids usually tend to get very conscious, uncomfortable and cranky when clicked in the artificial harsh lights of the studio.

Each child is different and this genre of photography requires varying levels of patience, tact and creativity in capturing the different strokes of those tiny toes and fingers.

Sensing the sensitivity and their passion for photography led this husband wife-duo to found Bundle of Joy where they create memories.

Startup aim is to capture the moment, feelings and expressions in their true element, be it a couple entering into parenthood or a child being held by the grandparents for the first time.

Entrepreneur India caught up with Prateek Rallan Co-founder, CEO of Bundle of Joy to know more about his entrepreneurial journey and how exciting this industry is.

Taking a plunge

Despite hailing from a business family opted to not join the stable alternative to start venture from scratch. "Family business was doing great and I didn't want to feel disguised unemployed having an established venture be served to me on a plate. It's very important for me to insanely engage in what I do. Entrepreneurship gave me that high that both Job and family busniess couldn't," said Prateek Rallan Co Founder, CEO Bundle of Joy

Photographs are the medium to freeze memories and this inspired them to start their own venture that brings together professional natural light photographers who are specialize in newborn, kids, maternity and family photography.

"The idea conceptualized when my sister gave birth to my nephew in Switzerland and I was in India. By the time I first got to see my nephew he was already 3 months old and way different from how he looked when he was born. It was then I realized the importance of capturing these moments and creating vivid memories out of them," said Rallan.

Stumbling Blocks

The biggest challenge we are facing is in expectation setting. What parents don't realize is that when it comes to Newborn Photography "Age Matters" Younger babies tend to go into certain curly poses much easier than older babies and don't mind much about having their clothes off.

Posed curled shots are only possible within the first 2 weeks of birth when the baby excessively sleepy and "mold-able". While parents love these shots and want us to recreate those for their "bundle of Joy" due to the Dogmas don't contact us till the baby turns 3 months.

A paradigm shift in the way people look at Newborn Photography is what we are trying to bring about. We try to address all apprehensions that parents have by having an honest conversation with your client so that they are aware what to expect and how to best prepare for the session.

Business Mock-up

We have both a B2C & B2B model. In B2B our customers are leading maternity hospitals In Delhi-NCR who present our products and services to their clients as value added services,. Whereas in B2C expecting parents, first time parents, parents of newborn babies and families reach out to us through various means like website, inward calls, word of mouth references, branding initiatives to book sessions etc.

Products we offer are the most comprehensive customized products in the Industry. No other player/competitor has the quality or range of products we offer.

Purely Bootstrapping

Apart from the initial seed funding investment made by us with our savings we have not approached for external funding.

The business never entered into a cash burn situation and hence the need to secure funding never arose. It was able to meet all its variable expenses right from the very first month and soon after started generating profits. The model has been able to self sustain and fuel all initiatives to build the brand. Our venture is now almost 2 years old and we've managed to become the preferred partner of over 5 leading hospitals and have successfully completed over 300 photo sessions.

Eyeing Next

The plan was to Pilot the business model in a niche market (Delhi-NCR) and test its pros and cons. Having overcome the initial challenges and run it effectively for two years we have a better understanding of our strengths, weakness and have evolved and defined our craft. We now intend to launch it Pan India to become the name to reckon with when it comes to this genre of Photography

Journey So Far

I have grown as an individual. I have learnt that some of your ideas that you thought would create magic would fail. I have always been very patient but the venture has taught me to be determined. I challenge myself a lot more and have become more open to taking risks not getting bogged down if things don't progress as expected. After all it's only an entrepreneurial venture that allows you to be alive to every aspect and dimension of the business be it finance, marketing, HR. It's the best learning ground.

Samiksha Jain

Former Staff, Entrepreneur.com

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