A Serial Startup Founder Shares His Tips On Growth Hacking

Raikk Chan is an entrepreneur, businessman and serial startup founder who believes that any small business can be grown successfully by way of growth hacking

By Shishir Jajoo

Raikk Chan

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When a successful entrepreneur and serial startup founder comes forward to offer tips on growth hacking it's worth listening. Digital marketing is about much more than getting your brand out there and building brand loyalty. It's about providing your customers with a consumer journey that they not only enjoy but expect.

What has growth hacking to do with all this? We'll explain that in more detail in a moment, but we want to start by introducing Raikk Chan, the success story who provides the vital advice we publish below.

Who is Raikk Chan?

Chan is a respected entrepreneur, businessman and serial startup founder who believes that any small business can be grown successfully by way of growth hacking. He is the founder of Guardian Venture, and something of a present-day guru in digital marketing.

Chan recognizes through experience the problems that small businesses with low budgets have in creating successful marketing campaigns, and his main mantra is that in this situation, the Internet is your friend. Chan's tips are designed to explain why data-driven insight can help even the smallest businesses achieve the growth potential they possess. Let's have a quick definition of growth hacking before we go on to the vital tips.

What is growth hacking?

The best way to describe growth hacking is as a combination of many aspects of online marketing working together. These include SEO, A/B testing, website analytics, and content marketing. Let's have a look at Chan's top tips.

Tip #1: Put content planning over content quantity

In the early days of search engine optimization (SEO) the trend was for keyword-packed content. There is more to consider today. Keywords are still important but finding the right keywords more so.

A couple of tips here:

  • Search for relevant keywords with low competition.
  • Look for competitors with similar levels of domain authority to yours and see which keywords they rank.
  • Write your content to those keywords.

In short, it's about streamlining the keywords you write for, rather than just involving them all. Write a lot of content for every keyword and you will not rank. Take the time to find the right keywords and produce quality and relevant copy and you will start to rank quickly.

Tip #2: Engage with your leads

The modern consumer expects a brand to engage with them, so it is essential that you begin interaction with a lead by way of conversation. Don't simply tell them about your product or service. Your initial goal is not to sell–not yet–but to give the lead something that they may find useful in terms of a free offer, free advice, or simply anything that they can takeaway that will put your brand in their mind.

Once you have begun the conversation you can move forward and find out the products or services they are interested in and move towards closing the sale. As reported earlier: "A business that communicates with its clients regularly earns tangible and intangible advantages including optimized sales, improved customer retention and building a valued brand reputation."

Tip #3: Sales funnel hacking and A/B testing

It cannot be stressed too strongly how important a competitor's sales and marketing processes are in improving your own. The successful competition needs to be investigated ad analysed carefully so that you can incorporate those successful methods and process into your own.

The way to do this and get the best results is to create a specific experiment to test using one or more of the processes from your competitor. By way of A/B testing and data analysis you can discover which of the processes will work most efficiently for your business.

In short, this is about keeping up with the competition, and matching them in every way that you can. Data driven information and results of this type are the bedrock of the success that entrepreneurs like Chan has achieved, and you can follow in his footsteps by learning all you can about the above tips, methods and ideas for Growth Hacking.

We hope that you have taken something from this article that inspires you in some way to check out growth hacking further. There is more to learn when you start to look into things in more detail, but rest assured it will fall together and you will soon be able to improve lead generation and conversions using these methods. It's all about engagement, testing, and data, and we hope that you achieve great success in building your business.

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