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Big Style For Small Spaces Living in a small space does not mean you need to be stuck with dollhouse furniture that lacks beauty and utility.

By Himanee Mrug

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Without a well-defined design plan, furnishing a small space can pose a huge challenge. The choice of furniture can prove to be "the game changer' and dramatically transform a compact area into a roomy dwelling. Living in a small space does not mean you need to be stuck with dollhouse furniture that lacks beauty and utility. With the options available nowadays, no place can be too small or too big, there is something for every size & taste.

Today, as square foot reduce, designs and furniture that not only suit different space but also cut monotony, are readily available. Suiting your needs, there are a plethora of cutting-edge designs that one can choose to make their space look well utilized while being innovative and comfortable. Every inch is usable and important, and the right furniture can make any small room seem bigger than in reality.

One of the most important aspects to be considered before transforming small spaces is to understand the scale. You do not want your room to feel overwhelmed, so avoid using hefty sofas or chairs. By opting for armless and barrel chairs or by using sofas with skinny arms and a tight, upholstered back can give some extra room to work with. Also, choosing additional space with versatility is always an added benefit, pick acrylic armchairs as they can be used anywhere - from living rooms to the desk of your office.

While it is significant to add character to your small space, avoid cluttering it with paired items. Add a dash of contemporary by cutting back on accent furniture and side tables, and instead go for round pedestal tables, that can make your space look more elegant.

Convert your stools into side tables, in fact, multifaceted furniture like sofa-cum-bed, smart workstations, ottomans, coffee tables with drawers etc. are a smart investment, as they save a few feet and make the place look less chaotic.

Clean-lined tables with leggy, open-style bottoms and glass tops are another wise options that add more breathing space to your premises.Also, as opposed to being lined up against the wall; moving some furniture to the center creates an illusion of greater depth and more space.

While the floor gets a lot of attention, it is time to break the rules and climb up the wall. You can draw the eye upward to create an illusion of a grander space by adding long, sleek and open vertical shelves that touch the floor and almost the ceiling. When it comes to decorating small spaces, tricking the eye to believe that a space is much bigger is the key to success. Remember to create your shelves and hooks with a perfect melange of glass and wood to make them look less engulfing.

Besides furniture, accessorizing another way to not only add space but also your personality to any space,whether a small office or a compact home.For example, if you are saddled with a small room with only one window, it might feel like a box.

Adding a few mirrors can help add depth to the area and also bring in natural light when placed at a proper angle to capture the rays of the sun. The reflection can create an optical illusion and make the room appear larger than it actually is.

Another aspect is to include glass, a crylics, and Lucite in your design concepts. With their clear and reflective nature, it is easy to fit them into any place, helping the eye travel across the room.

People often neglect their walls whilst renovating their spaces, and go with default when it comes to paints, forgetting that colours play an important part in bringing the mundane alive. Avoid dark and rich colours, as they make small spaces more evident. Instead, opt for lighter tones – whites, pastels & creams, as they make rooms seem brighter and easy on eyes. An added bonus, lighter shades are easier to work with, allowing more experimentation and making your furniture pop.

By adhering to less-is-more philosophy, you can always furnish your small space with style, convenience, and organization. The perfect blend of furniture and accessories can maximize the space as well as turn it into trendy sanctuary; generating greater efficacy.

Himanee Mrug

Director - Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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