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BluSmart Hints At Going Global With Electric Cabs BluSmart's journey underscores its leadership in driving EV adoption and infrastructure development in India, setting a precedent for sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.

By Priyanka Tanwer

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In the dynamic landscape of India's electric vehicle (EV) revolution, BluSmart emerges as a pioneer, reshaping mobility and energy infrastructure with its innovative approach. Punit Goyal, co-founder of BluSmart, articulates the company's vision and strategies, shedding light on its journey towards sustainability and efficiency.

Reflecting on the market opportunity, Goyal remarks, "The market opportunity we saw was massive. We are building an energy infrastructure and mobility company in alphabetical order." This succinctly captures BluSmart's ambitious endeavour to transform the transportation sector.

Partnering strategically with industry leader Uber, BluSmart commenced its journey by deploying electric cars on ride-hailing platforms. He elaborates, "Uber will not be able to really build out charging infrastructure. They're largely ride-hailing company. It'll be very difficult for Uber to really transition to becoming energy infra company." This insight underscores BluSmart's role as an enabler in facilitating the transition to electric mobility.

A key innovation introduced by BluSmart is its EV leasing model, designed to alleviate the burden on drivers and streamline the supply side of the ecosystem. He emphasizes, "We wanted to decouple drivers from asset ownership and institutionalize the supply side."

Furthermore, BluSmart's commitment to sustainability is evident in its integration of renewable energy. Punit elaborates on their partnership with Tata Power, stating, "We've contracted solar energy to power our charging hubs, marking a significant step towards decarbonizing mobility."

Looking ahead, BluSmart's expansion plans extend beyond India's borders. Punit hints at their international aspirations, stating, "We'll be exploring overseas markets, leveraging our success in India to drive global impact."

BluSmart's journey underscores its leadership in driving EV adoption and infrastructure development in India, setting a precedent for sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.

Recently, BluSmart announced that it has crossed Annual Run Rate (ARR) of INR 500 crore achieving 102 per cent growth over previous year. BluSmart's gross business value (GBV) witnessed phenomenal growth, delivering a CAGR of 300 per cent over the last three years, and is well poised for continued growth. The growth is a testament to the deep customer love it has received for prioritising reliability, safety and sustainability with industry-first offering of zero cancellations, on-time arrivals, and zero emission cabs.

Priyanka Tanwer

Feature Writer

With eight years of experience covering various beats for the digital and print media, now covering electric vehicles and sustainability for Entrepreneur India, keeping a nose for innovation and new technology in this futuristic sector.     

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