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Building a High Performance Organization that Constitutes the Millennial and Generation Z Workforce These employees are in much demand as they understand and can relate closely with the digital dynamics and mobile landscape

By Shibani Patel

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A visible paradigm shift marks the difference between modern technology-driven Gig economy from the previous era: onset of millennial and generation Z. This high-performance crew is known for their energy levels, and touch enabled gadget-friendly fingertips. The millennial and generation Z workforce today are in much demand as they understand and can relate closely with the digital dynamics and mobile landscape.

Be it augmented reality, Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or even digital transformation; their curious minds are quite accustomed to the upcoming trends and cultural shifts. Millennial know exactly what they want next minute and are aware of multi-geographical boundaries. Be it the start-up Shark seed funds or the TEDx Talks, IoT (Internet of Things), Hyper-Personalization of Netflix, or Automated Bot Conversations with Amazon Alexa; – these youngsters are familiar with the trends.

Considered among the most technically advanced employee segments to work with, millennial and generation Z, think "smart' and have a very different outlook from the previous workforce. Organizations need to understand the needs of this generation and probably change their 9 to 5 work hours to satiate their new omniscient online and offline work culture across geographies.

"They Desire Comfort, Knowledge, Transparency and Career Growth"

High functional target standards are realized by the organization due to the performance per unit improvements. Talented young workforce helps India scale high on global competition levels. Each unit has smart youth that prioritized their careers passionately over fun and frolic, learn fast the portable gadgets and applications. We have post-millennial co-founders who have learnt to shoulder their family income at very young age. Multiple skillsets have highest market share and value, and therefore high performance-driven organizations are not hesitant to implement experimental hiring patterns for niche positions.

Youngest generation of employees has a dynamic approach to decision making. A dire need of revamping the old business engagement models and work-hours structure to sustain a high performance organization is inevitable. Set professional goals, desire for constant evolution and learning, are inherent in their work styles. They believe in maintaining a work-life balance throughout their employment tenure, accomplishing individual dreams and ambitions.

Training Employees

Helping employees with additional training in gaining new degrees is now part of retaining millennia. Equipping them to upgrade existing skills and re-skilling helps in boosting the confidence of the employees. It also supports high employee retention and improvement in the quality of work. Resultantly, it contributes towards the growth in business and attracting more skillful talent.
Giving your workforce the platform to learn, unlearn based on what is trending in the industry. "Fresh young minds learn best if coached' most productive strategy of creating a high-performance work culture.

Employee Engagement

Although career-oriented, this young workforce needs to be kept engaged to ensure the energy level remains high and focus stays on the job at hand 100%. Hence, in order to avoid "slack', it is very essential to develop different ways of motivating and connecting with them.

Millennial want maximum transparency, being part of company initiatives, or to be involved in business planning processes helps them feel more respected and recognized. Companies today have introduced gamifications, rewards, experiential gifts, leisure activities in the workspace. Full liberty to bring their child or pet at fixed intervals to work, being part of their personal achievements, organizing team events once in a month, or even luncheons plays a crucial role to retain millennial and generation Z talent.

Rapport Building Exercises

Introducing icebreaking activities, "intranet' portals, help settle employees, especially the newcomers within the organization. Constant interaction with their superiors and co-workers plays a pivotal role in creating a healthy environment. This improves team efficiency and coordination, helps building on individual capabilities. Young generation thrives in an environment that recognizes their need to be spiritual side, be healthy and bring in that thought process in their professional environment as well.

Keeping that in mind, yoga sessions for corporates to increase mindfulness are a great way to say that the "brand' cares. True loyalty towards the brand again aids high performance and ethical values. This also increases the trust value of the company with clients. Such "key result areas' and cultural initiatives are some of the most powerful actions in getting the word-of-mouth trust and building a reliable employer brand through your employees.

Feedback Mechanism

Employees are considered to be the assets of every organization. Giving them the platform to put forward their ideas and feedback gives them a sense of belonging. Every organization that follows global trade, understands that addressing grievances swiftly gives an edge over competition. Giving importance to their issues is an essential step towards building confidence between the employee and the employer.

Motivation and Stimulation Exercises

Organizing motivational sessions or TED Talks by industry experts and thought leaders is another way of inspiring people to think strategically. Interactive sessions like these help in adding value to their career goals but enable employees to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas of working.

Listening Tools

To maintain transparency and keep a constant channel of communication open among the management and employees of a global development centers is through an intranet portal. A platform where people ask questions, find out about job openings, post things, gives employees the power to be informed - they know what is happening in the company. It also is an assurance of their voice being heard within the company.

Every organization has a set of rules, beliefs and culture. However, it is its ability and flexibility to adapt to the changes which determines its position and performance. Clearly, creating a healthy and effective workplace that is branded across the world for its business value is on top of millennial Bucket List and work goals.

Shibani Patel

India Head and Vice-President, Collabera Technologies


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