Can Business be Fun?

It's extremely important to understand and know your product thoroughly.

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Over my 15+ years in domestic & international marketing, I have come across various types of people. Eventually when you do business with them there are majorly two results:
  1. You enjoy the business with them. It's what I call "Fun business"
  2. Or you don't enjoy the business with them, and then "it's just business"

In spite of the businesses there are times you are left with a feeling that doesn't deliver you full satisfaction. A sense of "I could have got a better deal, or I could have negotiated better" doesn't leave your mind. In case of "Fun business" although you haven't got the best done concluded a sense of happiness or satisfaction is still with you. The 2nd business can be very important therefore try to learn from such experiences and make corrections to avoid the same in the future.

It's extremely important to understand and know your product thoroughly. As orthodox as it may sound, you have to be convinced about your product before you can sell it to buyer. You have to know the advantages & unique selling points along with the disadvantages of your products to be able to answer the difficult questions because they will surely come your way.

We often forget to understand the buyer's thought process. To be able to sell consistently and effectively, you have to largely understand your buyer, his choices, preferences, likes and dislikes. A person that can understand this quickly and possesses the ability to change his sales pitch and act accordingly, will always largely succeed in marketing.

You have to be a people's person to be able to succeed long term in the sales & marketing field. Talking and listening both have to be in the right balance if you want to win your buyer over. It's important to listen just as much as it is to speak.

It's extremely important to ensure you discuss various topics and current affairs with the buyer. People usually enjoy discussions with individuals who are updated with information and situations.

People come from many different beliefs and cultures. Each of them is right in their own way and you must always respect the same irrespective of your own opinion of the same. Always have an open mind to understanding your buyer's opinions of the various subjects you discuss. This will really help in understanding the mind and thought process of your buyer and this goes a long way in maintaining a long term business relation.

Everybody likes "importance" and so make your buyer feel important in the best way possible without coming across as a sugar coater. Ask about the family, what the kids do etc. Remembering names and birthdays as simple as they may sound really go a long way.

In a world with enough competition, your buyer most likely will choose you because various factors such as:

  1. Trust in you and your product
  2. Your ability to deliver on time exactly what you say and commit to
  3. Your service before, during and after the sale
  4. Your follow up about quality & service after the sale
  5. Your ability to execute the transaction smoothly without any inconvenience to the buyer

Most people like a healthy discussion and appreciate a different point of view even if it contrary to the views of the buyer. If you have a different view make sure you express it in the most professional way possible.

This makes the buyer understand your thoughts and he or she will appreciate your point.

Making the 1st sale is the easiest of it. It's when your customer comes back with repeat business and feels satisfied and know you are now doing a decent job.

A great man once said "Meeting your targets is what keeps you on your job, It's beating your targets that brings growth"