Five Ways In-sourcing Can Improve The Customer Experience

Only In-sourcing can give the sense of ownership and true concern for the customers

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With the growing demand for better customer experience and engagement, it has become increasingly important that the organizations bring contact centre technologies in-house to have better control and understanding of the customer base they are targeting. Skilled vendors support customer interactions, the results of which would lead to better reporting, better customer data and smarter channels of interactions. The five ways in which in-sourcing is helping in the customer experience and engagement include the following.

Meeting the Increased Customer Expectations

With the in-sourced technologies and digitization of the organization, more customers can be engaged in an effective manner which is more consistent and contextual. All this is necessary to meet the rising expectations of today's customers. Contact centre technologies being developed in-house can ensure rapid deployment with essentially seamless integration into the back-end systems.

Complete Control Over the Functions of IT

IT tasks are better placed which choose vendors while providing flexibility and enhanced compliance while sticking to the SLA norms. With the complete control over the IT functionalities, the data flow from the customer base is analyzed and understood in a much better manner, which, in return will lead to the development of better customer experience and customer interaction models for the organization.

Harmonizing and Integrating the Assets and Resources of Customer Interactions

Integrating all the resources and assets which work towards the customer interaction and experience development models are important to be assimilated under the same roof to understand the coherence and relations between each other and that is what will lead to the true perception of the customer relationship and experience model and its understanding. This will make sure that the resultant model is good enough to take into consideration different matters and elements of customer interaction.

Reduction of Cost

All the above elements when implemented correctly lead to a collateral advantage in the form of cost reduction as the organization will be able to gain a lot more with the simple transitions of in-sourcing. Deployment of external control mechanisms will be reduced and the poor quality standards from the BPO can be eliminated. All this lead to increased revenue and decreased costs for the organization.

Creation of Scalable Models

The best advantage of having built the models of the customer experience and customer interaction in-house is that it can be made as scalable as required. This becomes extremely helpful when the customer base is dynamic both in terms of quantity and type of customers. This helps organizations in quickly adapting to the change and doing the needful to fill up the gaps and maintain the essential operational processes of customer interaction.

Sumit Peer

Founder and CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions

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