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Creativity Inspires Originality: An Entrepreneur's Race in the Travel Content Space 70% of traffic on web is visual and this is an enormous opportunity for start-ups to board the video wagon

By Asad Abid

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Klong Saen Saep canal in Bangkok, Thailand.

Travelling helps achieve tremendous gratification by experiencing new things, and studies indicate that the youth today is the most travelled it's been in the past few decades. They are leading a leisure-oriented lifestyle and are looking for content that multiples their propensity to travel while scrolling their community feeds.

70% of traffic on web is visual and this is an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs to board the video wagon. Visual consumption of data is where the entire market is headed now. Recently, in Facebook's quarterly financial disclosure, Kara Sheryl Sanders (The COO) said the word "video' over 50 times. Casey Neistat (YouTuber) also believes, "things are changing really fast' creating a rapidly two folding mass audience, which is a massive opportunity for brands to tap the stats.

Now, video postcards, GIFs, listicles, and vlogs are accelerating the trend in the travel content space. Owing to so many innovations, a marketer cannot simply ignore the interactive design. But, does this interactive form of media keep millennial shook and looking for more? Lacklustre packaging may prompt a consumer to scroll on to the next article. And this can impact the overall dynamics of video programming. Before one aspires to be a content creator in the digital space, they should understand that at this age the attention span of a digital millennial is increasingly shrinking. A plethora of content by umpteen numbers of brands is marketed to them which create a clutter. Therefore, it obviously gets difficult to engage in experiential substance.

To counter this, an entrepreneur looking to deliver travel content has to bring the thing that consumers are not coming across on the digital common floor- the passions of the people. This can be achieved by producing and promoting the material of contemporary lifestyle. Creating native videos with equal weight age on high aesthetics and narration captures the attention of the viewer. To this reason, originality of content is what imprints the recall value in a viewer. The best form of increasing the attention span and keeping the millennials hooked is by marrying various elements of creativity, be it audio visual, perspectives or simple thrills that one seldom stumbles upon on video. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize creativity as an objective in lifestyle content.

Taking the creativity forward, here are the three most important creative aspects for making travel video content:

Innovation Keeps the Viewers Awake

Innovation in creating a travel content increases its lifespan. Accordingly, a content creator creating a lifestyle video targeting travel enthusiasts has to be creative in their narration, production value and location, as it holds a self-gratification value. While one typically does that, "originality' shouldn't be over-looked. The idea of creating a travel video is to explore stories and unbox them to an age that is now digitally driven. Hence, originality of the content keeps the viewer engaged on the first watch.

Thematic and First-hand Narrative Stories

A passionate lifestyle story always inspires and occupies the present youth. Thematic stories may not sound cliché if the content/narrative remains native and video execution creative. Thematic video narratives add connectivity, and connect each of the episode/story. Such connection captivates the viewers' mind.

First-hand or first-person narrative is yet another factor that indulges the viewers in an experiential world. They directly connect to the narrator and the story. This type of narration works best for unseen, unreal, and unexplored destinations, where the audiences want to learn and know more.

High Aesthetic and Expressive Video

A video should lay emphasis on detail, design and information. It has to be enriched with a highly able production crew to deliver amazing visuals that speak a beautiful language. Audiences are lot more drawn towards travel videos that have high aesthetic camera appeal. The quality of the video is just as important as the location and the creativity. A travel video content of high quality with multiple camera movements and angles engage the audience for a longer time.

For instance: A video with visually engaging and narrative shots providing a complete experiential tour of the place will be preferred. A video about travel experience at Seychelles with sailing, surfing, exploring the islands and local food will be captivating to a viewer than a video which just showcases its islands.

A traveller is looking to discover the unexplored sides of the world for their self-gratification. Hence visual aesthetics play a vital role in keeping them engaged and the video creator needs to deliver the same. Although creative content is the foremost important thing, creating a low-quality product loses out on the icing of the cake.

Tips: An entrepreneur or a brand survives in the highly competitive digital space only if they have built a tribe/community. To build the platform at large they should remember that - right information targeting the right people at a right time is a strategic plan, and generates a great viewership. Periodical creation and promotion of a native content engages the target and makes them to look for more such pieces of creativity. These loyal viewers are a community which religiously look up and follow content by a particular creator. The community involves in the matter and leave impressions. For a person new to one's content, the number of impressions may persuade them to click the link and watch the series and eventually bring them into the community if the subject floats their boat.

Currently, millennials are looking forward to more and more travel experiences, and many of them aspire to consume luxurious content. Few travellers often indulge in the idea of a better life, and in the quest to become better in body, mind, and spirit. To summate- video content should be of creative discoveries, real stories and real experiences. They have to be curated in form of original video programming, informed editorials, and expressive design language for the digital-first world.

Asad Abid

Founder and Executive Producer, TheVibe

Asad Abid, Founder and Executive Producer of TheVibe.

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