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Decoding the Ethical Concerns With Respect To Technology Joti Statovci, the man behind the book "Secret of Forex" has always ensured that he regulates his excellence in foreign exchange for the betterment of the economy

By Srivatsa KR

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It was once said by Martina Navratilova that "Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it's a necessity all the time." The statement is indeed true. Humans at one end are advancing technological strength for the good; however, many human heads are using it for their benefit.

Joti Statovci, the man behind the book "Secret of Forex" has always ensured that he regulates his excellence in foreign exchange for the betterment of the economy. His beliefs have been strong towards using technology the right way.

He is quite vocal about his thoughts regarding the top unethical concerns related to technology. He mentions that cybercrimes are causing an alarm. He says, "I feel great to know that the world is going all gaga over going digital. I even support digitalization; however, what worries me is the faith in security online. The rise in cybercrime cases in the past decade and the amount of misuse of technological knowledge is an alarm. Being a part of society, I also feel insecure while using few online facilities at times. I hope that the idea of security is well established through the introduction of new privacy protection."

Further talking about how data privacy cannot be optional, Joti says, "One of the major concerns also include Data Privacy threats. Theft and Misuse of Private Data and illegal Data collection are very common these days. Especially, while the pandemic hit the earth, millions of people went online and started doing everything digitally. Sharing photos, videos, or even private conversations. Unfortunately for many, these turned out to be no longer personal. To stop cybercrime people have to take data privacy as a must and not an option. From big firms to saving individual data, everything should be well protected to ensure complete privacy online. Most importantly, data privacy education can also prove to be a boon as the more we know the ways to secure our data, the better we can deal with the criminals out there."

Misinformation and deep fakes are also major threats. The cases of deep fakes have caused damage to many individuals and firms. The speed at which misinformation gets spread is insane owing to digitalization. Frauds are seen as being more prevalent in current times. All of these make individuals believe that there are so many Ethical Concerns with respect to Technology that need to be addressed soon.
Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger

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