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Families Form the Foundation of Women Becoming Successful Entrepreneurs Whether it is politics, sports, business, arts, science, or any other arena, women are leading with a rapid pace and proving every day that sky is the limit for them.

By Komal Nathani

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In the fast-pacing world of today, we see women breaking glass-ceiling of patriarchial society, and doing exceptionally great in any field we talk about. Whether it is politics, sports, business, arts, science, or any other arena, women are leading with a rapid pace and proving every day that sky is the limit for them.

In over last 20 years, women entrepreneurship has seen a paradigm shift in its growth which has been acknowledged in BIMSETC-SAARC Women's Economic Forum. Addressing issues of women on a forum where women from across the countries jointly come together to discuss how and in what better way a woman can achieve her goals in entrpreneruship.

These #4 women in power from four different South Asian countries tell us why it is important for women to be self reliant and self empowered in lives:

  • Rita Singh, India

According to Rita Singh, the authority or power to do something is what makes women a self reliant personality. With the huge amount of diversity in India, different regions have its own different opportunities that one must figure . The chairperson of BIMSTEC-SAARC Women Economic Forum, Ms. Rita Singh, thinks that the focus for the year would be on "land rights' and "inheritance' since women in India face a lot of difficulties in investing in a land while starting a business.

The other thing which is very important in business in India is the Formal Training that women should get as well as training for the labor force to women.

While speaking on the Women's Economic Forum, the Chairperson of BIMSETC also shared her inspiring story that in village like Hapur how she got married at very early age and in what tough times she chose the journey for herself of an entrepreneur. I had no capital too start a business at present.

'When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I witnessed darker times. That was the time of 70s. I was married to very early in my age. I went to the banker in small town and said look I want to start a business, so he made a proposal and I got my first loan.'

  • Shaista Pervaiz Malik, Pakistan

In today's time where many women are flagship torch-bearers in the field of entrepreneurship, Shaista Pervaiz accentuated the fact that,

'Should work collectively towards peace and prosperity of the region; if men can't do it, then women should'

The forums and platforms like this could help us forget all of the past issues. And can push forward to take a step towards development. An easy access to funds is what she said should be one of the focusing points to encourage entrepreneurship in this region. Increasing network opportunities will play a role in women entrepreneurship. Besides, private sector should be encouraged with right policies to hire women and invest in their training, skill development and ensure right infrastructure.

  • Shirley Jayawardena, Sri Lanka

Having a backdrop of media in career, the Vice President of FICCI-Sri Lanka, Ms. Shirley Jayawardena said,

'Women entrepreneurship can be encouraged through strong networking and peer support across the countries.'

The two-thirds of businesses in South Asian countries have single ownership businesses, wherein most of the women are single-handedly dealing business matters and coming up with their new ideas to test in business world. The new initiatives are in the agenda for 2017 to inpsire and encourage women in Sri Lanka.

  • Shanti Chadha, Nepal

Emphasizing the need of getting women across the coutries an easy access to funds, Ms. Shanti Chadha, the Vice President of SAARC-Nepal made her point on how education can turn the role of women.

'I started my business with a rupee in my hand. My forte was my education I knew how to write a proposal..and this is how I got managed to get loan from Nepal banks.' said Shanti Chadha.

Women living in any country can start the business by taking loan with the cost and benefit rule. Imparting of informations is what going to help us in long terms.

'We are here for each other's concern. What we aim for is to solve any problems we have.'

Komal Nathani

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

A firm believer of hard work and patience. Love to cover stories that hold a potential to change the momentum of business world. Currently, a part of all-women web team of Entrepreneur’s Asia Pacific edition to jig the wheel of business journalism!

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