Get a Mentor and Keep Networking These are 2 most important reasons you became an entrepreneur.

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There are 2 necessities that will help you keep moving forward and grow in every aspect of business. One is the necessity of doing more for which you need to network and the other is to do better for which you need a mentor.

One of the most important reasons why people choose to become entrepreneurs is because it gives them the opportunity to step out of a monotonous work routine and get in to doing new things or focus on doing things differently. If a while later your entrepreneurial venture gets monotonous, then you will soon loose your reason for being an entrepreneur. I know this because I have met a lot of them with this challenge and the best way to face and over come this challenge is to get mentored and keep networking.

I have come across many entrepreneurs who fail to achieve great results because of one simple pattern or habit. All of these entrepreneurs use the term "I think" more often than they must. "I think this is the best decision to make" "I think doing this will get me better results" I think this idea will change the industry". The one thing you need to know and start acting on right now is that no one wants to use your service, product or expertise because of what you think, they would want to pay you or give you an opportunity for what you "know" and that is one of the most important reasons you need a mentor for.

A mentor will help you get from "I think" to "I know". "I think" will communicate a chance of something working and "I know" communicates certainty of something working. You will not find a lot of people who would want to invest in something that has a chance of working but will for sure find tons of people who will invest in the certainty of something working.

A mentor will get you the clarity to grow from thinking of how to make things happen to knowing of why it will happen and that is a far better context to work from and will generate better results. So to do what you already do even better, find a great mentor.

And then we come to the other important necessity of an entrepreneur, doing more. If you are an entrepreneur who wants more work, more or better clients, more opportunities, more resources, more business then you need to realize that none of this will be possible without your ability to network.

Networking has always been and continues to be one of the most important things every entrepreneur must do regularly.

At the end of the day it is people who will make the decision of utilizing your product, service or expertise. So you must know that no computer research or data will give you the information that a person can give you. you have got to go out and network to know what works for people, how they think, what they want and only then will you have the opportunity of making what you do a success. Another important reason for every entrepreneur to network is to make sure that their work or business does not become a monotonous effort for them. Meeting new people brings in new energy to what you do.. gathering new information from them brings new opportunities for you to collaborate, do more work and keep growing.

So start networking to continue to do more and start being mentored to keep doing it better because those are the 2 most important reasons you became an entrepreneur.

Amit Punjabi

Business Coach & Founder, Sankalp Academy

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