How Entrepreneurs Measure Their Daily Productivity?

You need to prioritize your work list, that is going to help

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You would have read blogs showing how to increase your productivity. The real question is what according to you is productivity. There are several people who confuse being productive with being busy. There is a thin line of difference between being immensely busy and being productive. There are different entrepreneurs with different answers on how they define their day as productive or what tasks they put on productivity list. Here's how entrepreneurs measure their daily productivity.

1. The Accomplishment of Next Day's Deadline

Deadlines can work in different ways for different people. Some might get an extra push to work because of the deadlines. It's a point of motivation for them. Whereas there are a certain set of people who get demotivated and can't work at their best under pressure. If you fall under the second option, meet your deadline before time and maintain your productivity and pressure level.

You can't have a sound sleep at night with the anxiety of finishing something the next day. The early you finish your time-based job done, the better you will feel the rest of your week. The best way to know whether you were productive or not is to get your job done early. Pick up the work that haunts you the most or the one that is the most time consuming or the one that has to completed by the end of the day anyhow. Mornings are considered to be productive and good for focus and creative thinking. So, if you are doing this, your day has been productive.

2. Empty Mailbox

Entrepreneurs receive a crazy amount of emails every day. Reading and replying all these emails is a pretty daunting task. For a bunch of entrepreneurs, their day has been productive if they are able to read and reply to all the emails in their inbox. It will provide them with mental peace of not having missed anything important. There are basically tricks you can try to handle your emails.

· Zero Inbox

Just as the name suggests, it aims at keeping your inbox empty. You can use the email end game tactic. According to this tactic, you are compelled to deal with the first email in order to go the second. You can either read, delete, or defer. It will stop you from moving forward with the next one until you have done something of the first one.

· Two-minute Tactic

According to this tactic, if you can deal with the mail whether it is to reply, delete, forward or anything that takes a time of 2 minutes or less, do it now. Suppose, it takes more than 2 minutes, put it into a different folder to deal with it later. By following this method, you won't miss any mail from your inbox. You have a glance at each one of them and replied to the most important ones.

3. All The Tasks Are Completed

There are entrepreneurs who judge their productivity of the day based on how many tasks have they targeted and how many of them have they accomplished. If they have completed all or most of the tasks of the day without having to indulge in any extra works, their day was productive. You need to prioritize your work list. Focus on the top 3 right in the morning when you enter your office. Divert your focus on the other tasks once you have completed the top of the chart.

4. Progress On Big Projects

When there is one big project and too many small ones, we pick the small ones first even though they are less important. Instead, pick the big one first and get it done. There are entrepreneurs who measure their productivity based on the progress of big projects.

Well, these are different measures for productivity used by different entrepreneurs. Well, if you have something different than this, you can open to share with us in the comment section.