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How Customer Feedback Helps to Fortify A Salon Business For understanding what customers want today, a salon owner should carry out customer feedback process

By BusinessEx Staff

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For scaling the business, expansion plans and chunks of investment are prerequisites. Besides these elements, there are varied kinds of other strands which are associated to widen one's business.

For expanding a salon business or making a salon business successful, knowing the customer experience is essential as investing in the salon can lure customers but could not assure spike in success rates. By modifying the salon interior and using the latest technology, the customers easily get tempted and choose one salon over others. Apart from creating a positive impression, latest technology and expensive interior embellishment don't significantly improve customer experience.

For achieving a high rate of customer satisfaction, the salon owners should emphasize on fulfilling customers' needs.

Importance of Gathering Customer Feedback

Since the salon business is highly customer-centric, it is imperative to know the customer preferences and accordingly, plan out salon services for them. Meeting the customer expectation is indeed important to scale up the business and keep it running.

For understanding what customers want today, a salon owner should carry out customer feedback process. Collecting customer feedback makes it easy to ascertain as to what customers like, dislike, new changes that are needed in the salon and so on. Thus, the salon owner can fully rely on feedback in order to modify his business model.

How to Collect Customer Feedback

To garner customer feedback, the salon owner can follow two approaches. Firstly, he can talk to customers directly; although, the customers can be reluctant to give an honest review in face-to-face conversation. Henceforth, the salon owner can use the second approach that is, installation of a suggestion box. By dropping forms in the suggestion box, the customers' identity will remain anonymous and they will be giving an honest review. Once the customers give their suggestions, then the salon owner needs to work on those recommendations.

1. Pick Out Loyal Clients from the Lot

As the suggestion box opens, an ignoramus amount of feedback will come up. Other than fulfilling each and every desired service that is being asked, the salon owner should pick out common problems or suggestions from the feedback. After noting down those suggestions on a piece of paper, then the salon owner should try conversing with his regular clients. While conversing with customers, the salon owner can try ascertaining problems that the customers are facing in the services or in the salon.

To bring the conversation to the main point, the salon owner can inquire about the customer's visit in detail. Steadily, the salon owner should address problems his clients are facing.

Similarly, the entrepreneur can indulge in conversation with other customers and thus, collect reliable information.

2. Offer Incentives to Regular Customers

For building a good reputation, the salon owner should always try improving customer experience. Today, customers seek more services or products at a less price. This strategy has been easily apprehended by the tech giants like Amazon, Google and Apple in the early stages of business and henceforth, these companies are dominating in the consumer market.

For offering customer-oriented services, the salon owner should offer additional services to new customers on a single service such as extending the time for massages, offering an extra beauty service and so on.

3. Execute Changes in the Business

To create happy customers, it is, first of all, important to have satisfied customers. A satisfied customer becomes a regular customer and in turn, spreads a word about the good services of the salon. Therefore, salon owners should focus on making every new customer's appointment successful and satisfactory.

By implementing customers' suggestions, the entrepreneur can fill loopholes in the system and in turn, improve overall customer experience.

The customer feedback is always important to understand how a particular business is working in the market. Therefore, entrepreneurs should utilize feedback in the best possible way to attain success.

This article was originally published by Jaspreet Kaur.

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