How to Keep Your YouTube Users Engaged

With the ever-changing trends, it's also important to stay on top of what's happening to ensure that you are also keeping your audience engaged

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How many times have you spotted millennials plugged onto their earphones, browsing YouTube on their phone? Pretty much everywhere, all the time. From funny videos to epic fails and even inspirational videos, everybody is plugged in.

But that bring us to the content creators. How can one create content that is unique and is always "in". With the ever-changing trends, it's also important to stay on top of what's happening to ensure that you are also keeping your audience engaged.

Entrepreneur India spoke to some popular YouTube content creators in India to understand how they get to know the pulse of their audience and keep them engaged.

Create Diverse Content

As a YouTube creator, while your genre and theme could be similar but you have to ensure that the content is also always evolving so that your audience doesn't get bored. Dino James, who has his own YouTube channel, said that it's important to keep the content very diverse. "I experiment with genres, topics, instruments and styles. It keeps my audience interested and keeps me on my toes as well," he said. He added that it is very important to be unpredictable in the digital world.

Rahul Sharma and Prince Thareja from the Trouble Seeker Team totally agree. "By bringing new and original content every week or everyday depending on your capabilities, fans will always appreciate that which then turns into the engagement in the form of likes, comments, etc hence channel is automatically more interactive," they said.

However, the duo also believe that you need to keep the format same so that the sense of familiarity doesn't go away. "When we are creating something to entertain people then it's an art and the art is only as good as the artist so our motto is to keep improving our art and keep striving to be the best in our genre," he said.

Take Feedback From Your Audience

You don't always know what your audience wants to see next. So for YouTube content creators, it's crucial to keep a line of communication open. Be it through comments on the platform or by asking them to reach out to you, creators can get to know what their audience likes or dislikes. James said, "I make it a point to converse with my audience and listen to what they have to say. I do not think of them as fans. I think of them as my digital family. We are together in this. Me, my director and my team at one digital entertainment work very hard to make sure that we come up with unique ideas and keep surprising those who follow us," he said. It's also important to keep in mind that some may not like what you do. Even if some people don't like a particular thing, James has noticed that his fans make sure they give him constructive feedback.

But you can also go one step ahead. Ameen Khan from Nazar Battu Productions said, "To keep channel the interactive we do Live Videos on YouTube Facebook & Instagram. Also we try to answer most of the question on channel. We do Meet up with fans at our office once a month."