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4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated It is extremely critical to keep your workforce updated about all decisions made at the management level

By Baishali Mukherjee

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A motivated workforce will make a crucial difference when it comes to meeting any business objective. Every company needs to find ways to ensure that their employees stay motivated and put in their best efforts. One of the valuable skills that you can hone as a business manager is the ability to challenge and engage the people you employ. If you are able to hire the right team and thereafter, manage it well, you will have a workforce that is characterized by excellent performance and growth. However, if you fail to motivate your employees, you might have an unwelcome turnover. Moreover, your business will be in a constant state of chaos.

Results and bottom lines are the primary yardsticks for the success of a manager. However, the morale of teams is often considered while determining the skill and performance of managers. Are the team members happy, dynamic, and enthused? If yes, the manager is accolade as a good resource.

Now what is important is to find out the ways by which to inspire and motivate employees? Not too sure? Here are four suggestions to keep your workforce energised and enthused.

Show Your Trust

The most rewarding way to motivate your staff is to exhibit complete reliance in their capabilities. Handing over more responsibilities and giving them opportunities to perform are the smart ways to go about it. By doing this you reveal your confidence in them, which goes a long way in motivating professionals who would then do their best in discharging job responsibilities.

According to Sachin Vasanth Shenoy, Co-founder and CEO, Let's Service Automotive Technologies Pvt Ltd., too much control of your employees at every step makes them feel uneasy and edgy. "If your workforces do not have the confidence to explore new challenges, they will lose steam eventually. Bestow greater independence and accountability and you will be surprised to see how they rise to the occasion," he notified.

Employees should get the feeling that their contribution matters. Highlighting the value of your employees' contributions reinforce a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment, which encourages them to perform better.

Incentives Work Wonders

Positive reinforcement is considered to be the oldest, most rewarding and true psychological principal. Humans, irrespective of age, get thrilled when rewarded. An incentive for a job well-done works wonder in a professional environment and the recipient is more likely to do better in future and earn many more of such rewards. Incentives, like a free lunch, a half day, movie tickets, or gift vouchers for those who reach certain goals can make your employees genuinely happy. Apart from making individuals more goal-oriented, these rewards will also create a healthy contest in the workspace.

"Call centres often give away prizes to the ones making sales. The prizes are not very expensive but every time a sales guy receives it he feels a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. It gives him the zeal to keep striving for the next sale. This adds to the culture of companies," Shenoy shared.

Invest in Your Employees

Another great technique to motivate your workforce is to invest in them. Small gestures like mentoring programs, one-on-one training and job supervision under seniors, demonstrate that you are concerned about their career growth. Discussing career routes of your employees through periodic meetings to ensure they are on track, builds a strong bond.

"In addition to skill development and knowledge building, these investments in your employees' career inspire them to stay with you for the long haul. Invest in the people working with you and they will get a reason to stick around. It is only when your employees grow and improve, that the company thrives and prospers," shared Sabina Chopra, Managing Director, Indian subcontinent, Resort Condominiums International.

Include Them in the Big Decisions

Involvement is the essence of any relationship and involved employees are the best performers. However, involvement requires seamless sharing. Hence, it is extremely critical to keep your workforce updated about all decisions made at the management level. Otherwise, they will feel isolated and unimportant.

John Mayne, a serial entrepreneur with businesses in finance and consumer goods in India and South Africa, believes asking your employees' opinion and inputs, creates a great sense of belonging and makes them feel important and valued. "By asking them for their opinion on company's growth further stimulates their allegiance to the company," he added.

In this highly competitive world, where professionals change companies every few years, employee turnover can create a huge difference. "You can steer the tide by focusing on employee engagement. Your initiatives and investments in your workforce will build a solid groundwork for staff management and growth, warranting a motivated and spirited workforce," concluded Mayne.

Baishali Mukherjee

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