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How Siebel-based CRM Technology Is Helping eCommerce Brands To Boost Their Sales The CRM software are tailored to match industry requirements and specifications.

By Ravi Kumar

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Playing a key role in the eCommerce vertical, the CRM technology now has become an essential tool for the corporate entities to effectively focus on their business strategy to enhance the sales, provide better customer services and develop loyalty among the customers.

An effective CRM solution can boost the organisation's productivity by almost 30 per cent. In the past few years, the CRM technology has grown to become one of the fastest growing software segments of the industry. Increasing numbers of companies worldwide are adopting this powerful tool thereby transforming the way of doing business.

The Siebel-based CRM delivers multiple services to the companies including facilitating such operational areas as transactional, analytical and engagement solutions to efficiently manage all their client-related matters.

The CRM software are tailored to match industry requirements and specifications. This IT-based system can help a company in gaining insights into customer preferences, customer purchases and past trends to effectively understand, monitor, manage and sustain customer relationship.

Alongside, it can help organisations to make forecasts accurately.The Siebel-based CRM-technology is helping the eCommerce brands to boost their sales and helping organisations grow in the following ways:

1. Fast and convenient access to key sales data

Sales workforce require streamlined and steady access to the up to date information regarding customers like contact details, sales history, buying patterns and much more to effectively plan sales and marketing strategies. A CRM helps to achieve this.

The speedy and reliable access to key CRM data can be extremely beneficial for the sales workforce to track potential customers and make informed decisions based on accurate facts and figures. In addition, it helps to keep track of the sales processes, evaluate the teams' performances and accomplishments thus motivating the sales representatives to meet and exceed the goals.

The latest CRM solutions available in the market empower the management to view and monitor the detailed analysis of company's sales in real time.

2. Effective Synchronisation

CRM software can empower sales teams by synchronising the data. This enables the sales teams to work in a consistent and streamlined manner and gain insights into current opportunities and deals a sales team may be working on. They can upload information/data anytime and anywhere and no longer have to wait to input data.

A Siebel-based CRM software can help in managing and accessing all the critical customer data from one central location. The sales teams can conveniently rely on the CRM solutions to gain complete access to information on prospect clients thus focusing more on sales & conversion strategies.

CRM systems also helps the sales team collaborate on multiple levels, share documents, keep track of sales records etc. to obtain a bigger, clearer picture of the functionality of the team.

A number of CRM solutions are available that can be accessed from the smartphones, tablets and more thus empowering sales teams with up to date and synchronised information.

3. Reliable Predicting Data

Reliable forecasting information is imperative for implementing effective sales and marketing strategies of the company. Precise forecasts can be a valuable asset in accelerating sales. The right CRM system can aid in identifying patterns in the customers most valuable to the business and further help to group them by industry and location.

Good CRM software with effective analytics and forecasting functionality helps in setting clear targets and streamlining the work processes. The CRM software can also help to determine any problem areas in advance so that proper remedial action can be taken to raise the likelihood of company's sales targets. The sales resources can be allocated according to the predictive information and thus help in making informed choices.


The present-day CRM systems integrates with the office online tools thus automating a number of jobs and significantly reducing the time and resources used for repetitive data entry. CRM solutions brings efficacy and speed into the work process thus boosting the sales of the organisation.

5. Simplify Reporting Necessities

CRM software simplifies many aspects of sales strategies like reporting sales activities, targets, time to time analysis of sales activities and more. CRM tools make it easier for the sales team to input and monitor important information, check the allocation of sales resources thus saving the valuable time and resources.

Ravi Kumar

Director-CRM Consulting, Cubastion Consulting

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