How To Be Disruptive Yet Problem Solving Entrepreneur

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Every entrepreneur is a disruptor and trying to change the world in one way or the other. The only thing differentiates from one entrepreneur to other is the scale of disruption which they bring in.

Though there are no of hard and fast rules to be a disruptor. Here are some of the attributes of a disruptive entrepreneur out of my experience.

1) Choose bigger problems:

Disruptors are self-made .Their journey starts with a problem which they face every day. In the process of solving it, the disruption occurs.

Disruption is often created by solving problems which are big enough. So keep exploring for the problems around you .Choose a problem which is big enough, everyone faces it and has an ability to impact millions. The businesses which directly influence the lives of people are often loved and grow exponentially on their own.

"If you don't do it big, you aint doing nothing"- Chris brown

2) Have bigger Vision:

Vision is what drives the every entrepreneur, it leads them path of success. Choose a vision that is big enough and has no limits. Having no limits will help you think broadly, plan the things big and disrupt.

At the same time understand it; everything cannot be solved at a shot .Pick a problem which is need of the hour &worth solving first, then start working on it.

"Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. But it started with single biggest problem of search on day one"

3) Don't do it for money

Disruptors love their products, not money. Thinking about making money will not lead to disruption but failure.

Thinking about making money will limit your thoughts; influence your decisions and your risk taking abilities. If you are solving a great problem then just go for it even with a no business model. Once you jump in things would fall in and you will figure out a way out.

"Whatsapp was a powerful product which changed the way people communicate was built with no proper business model".

4) Don't compete but do things differently:

Disruptors don't compete but do things differently. They keep the competition alive and change the rules of the game.

It's always good to have competitors, competition makes you think and innovate. Always keep track of the competition around you but don't try to compete. Instead do things differently.

"Don't try to compete but do things differently – Steve Jobs"

5) Build non-replicable businesses:

Disruptors build businesses which are not only unique but also hard to replicate.

Their products/solutions act as barriers on their own and keep the competition away. Most of the disruptive companies in the world like Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. built products which were unique and non-replicable.