How to Become a Fitness Expert in Today's Digital Age

While digital is a great launchpad and offers sustenance that is economical and widespread, it is vital to go beyond digital and at times have an in-person connect with your audience

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The rise of the digital age has seen a direct correlation in the rise of the number of experts as well. Experts hailing from diverse genres and experts who are mostly self-claimed. Though the digital platforms have opened the floodgates and created multiple outlets for a gigantic wave of talent pool, but as the social media bubble reaches its saturation, consumers who usually heavily binged on content are now questioning credibility and are being selective about the quality of experts aka influencers that they are choosing to invest their time in.

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Researchers at Yale and Oxford may have proven exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.

This consumer shift is being noticed across multiple digital platforms and the pattern is similar in most of the lifestyle categories including health and fitness.

The Right Connect

While creating a consumer connect and constant engagement is relatively easy and economical via digital platforms, the basics still have to be strong. In order to sustain long term as a fitness expert, it is extremely crucial that you know your subject well.

After you choose the style of fitness that you would want to pursue, invest in formal education required for it. Finding the right course or subject of specialization will be a struggle especially in the Indian market but going local is the key. You will be surprised to find specialized and accredited courses that small or medium-sized institutions or professionals offer. Once formal or professional learning is in place, regular practice and upgrading are fundamental. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, it is very important to master the elements of nutrition along with mastering the fitness art that you have chosen. Once the basics are straightened out, internship or being associating with a trustworthy fitness brand will definitely help you in understanding the traits of the trade.

A respectable fitness brand will invest time, effort and avail the latest technique for their trainers and have a vigorous training program in place. A good brand name, work experience will add to your credit before you set out independently or simultaneously commence your expertise on social media platforms.

While all the above is majorly offline, it is extremely significant before you venture out to millions of people digitally.

Swimming Against the Tide

An adage of "Swimming Against the Tide' might sound heroic or poetic but swimming along with the tide has its benefits too. Leverage on the Digital takeover as it provides you with an opportunity to an unlimited scale of the audience along with limitless sources of knowledge to constantly upgrade your craft. Know your audience and concentrate on select digital platforms that make sense to you. If you try to create traction on multiple platforms it might sometimes backfire through the means of incompetent content, wrong or no TA reach and unproductive investment of effort, time and even money.

Aid your fitness training programs with digital tech support. Live streaming of classes through webcasts not only defies the geographic limitations but also multiplies reach coupled with maximum interactivity and quick feedback. Incorporate the use of wearable tech and AI-powered fitness mobile apps in your training sequences; they enable tracking performances and mapping the progress better. It also creates great goodwill amongst your new age students as well as helps you stay relevant to changing technology.


If you are a digital fitness expert who is majorly social media inclined, then Collaboration with suitable brands, communities and fellow fitness enthusiasts is significant. It will not only make your content engaging but will also help the business through networking and creating good long term work relationships. With the social media space getting acutely saturated each day, it makes sense to develop and sustain a healthy rapport with the noted fitness experts of the digital fitness community.

While digital is a great launchpad and offers sustenance that is economical and widespread, it is vital to go beyond digital and at times have an in-person connect with your audience. Gather the reach and get the word out digitally but also activate yourself in consumer workshops at relevant touch points or engage in corporate wellness programs from time to time.

Human contact through these initiatives will work brilliantly and translate into a wider digital reach as well. So, it's definitely important to create a loop of digital fitness training where on ground training programs are also accounted for.

Finally, just being a digital fitness trainer who is influential, engaging, result oriented, tech-friendly etc. is not enough. It is important to be flexible and adaptive in your content and conduct depending on changing consumer trends.