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How to Make a Logo That Your Target Market Will Love A logo that everyone remembers!

By Callum Humphreys

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What's that one thing that Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonalds have in common? Well, aside from being highly successful international corporations, all of them have logos that are simply memorable and uniquely distinct.

Unfortunately, it is never easy to choose a custom professional logo design for your business. Mistakes can always happen and what you consider pretty might not appear that way to others; what you think is boring might be exactly what people will appreciate.

To avoid any errors with your decisions, here are the top 4 tips from Creato Design Sydney that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to creating a lovable logo.

Go For One That Looks Good Anywhere, Everywhere

Imagine all of the possible places that your logo will appear and think of how it is going to look. Fine lines, colors and overall appeal, are all things that should be taken into careful consideration when creating your logo. Your main goal here is to come up with a great looking logo that will work with all settings and backgrounds.

Nothing Beats Simple

Nike has made it big even with that simple "tick" sign. Whether you believe it or not, simplicity is a wonderful thing as far as logo design is concerned. Going for something simple will make your logo highly identifiable, continually memorable and easily recognizable without ever trying hard. This will be sure to catch the eyes of any onlooker in any setting or venue. On top of that, simple logos have a unique way of being imprinted in one's memory.

Make it Memorable

Of course, you always want your target market to remember your logo and this can only be achieved if you don't change it every time you feel like doing so. Stay up to date with the latest logo design trends so you can create something that will be both eye catching and memorable to a modern audience. Also, you shouldn't overdo it when it comes to your font. It is best to get that perfect balance. Too many competing fonts might end up confusing the eyes of onlookers.

Keep It Unique

It is your logo that serves as part of your brand so it is very important that you make it as distinctive as you can. Copycats will never be remembered. And you wouldn't want your target market to confuse your company's logo with another business. There's nothing wrong with looking at your competitors to find out what they are doing, however, as far as logos are concerned, you need to make sure that your design will stand out and not mimic others. One more important thing to keep in mind is to avoid the temptation of downloading stock images from the internet and using them in your logo. A copyright infringement might put you at risk or somewhere, somebody might be using the same image as well.

Remember this: the logo is the official calling card of your business. Coming up with a really good and visually appealing one will make your target market think about you all the time and if you are lucky, it might even earn their love.
Callum Humphreys

Creative Director, Creato Design Sydney

Callum is an entrepreneur and graphic designer based in Sydney Australia. He is the owner of a logo and graphic design company- Creato. You can stay up to date with Callum & Creato by following the Creato Design Blog.


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