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How to Meet New People: 8 Steps to do Right Now It really takes a lot to put yourself out there. You wouldn't want to remain a recluse forever, would you?

By Bhavik Sarkhedi

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We come across several people daily- in our work, the society we live in, the occasions we attend and so on. But still, meeting new people remains a daunting task, especially for those of us who are not inherently extrovert. Finding new friends isn't as comfortable or easy as it may seem. Most of the time, people just prefer to get cozy with their books at home than go around meeting a complete set of strangers. It really takes a lot to put yourself out there. You wouldn't want to remain a recluse forever, would you?

John D. Rockefeller once said that the skill to deal with a human being is as easy to purchase as a regular commodity like sugar or coffee. He further said that he would pay more for that ability, than for any other thing available under the sun. Forming human relationships is the best way to influence people, and meeting new people is the first step in that direction. In this article, you will find __ amazing ways on how to meet new people and make a great first impact!

  • Take the first step

Most of the times, we are too afraid to talk to someone, much less approach for a talk. However, you would not be able to interact unless and until you proceed forward to strike a conversation with others. Breaking the ice is the most difficult part.

Thus, go on to volunteer helping people in their task, or getting involved in an activity with a local club to start interacting with people. Social media can also be a great tool to find new people who share similar interests as yours, especially in an altogether new territory. You can also invite your neighbours, acquaintances or simply those you've only met once/twice. It serves a great deal to establish contacts and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

  • Want to be welcomed everywhere? Try this

Have you ever wondered why dog the only creature who doesn't work for a living is? This is because they become genuinely fascinated! Whenever you meet them, they are so glad they would almost jump out in enthusiasm at your first sight! It's a technique which has been practiced continuously by politicians, presidents and billionaires since a long period of time. There is an old saying which goes like this-

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."

If all you do is speak and shower praises about our own selves, how can you expect people to want to interact more? It's what selfish people do, and believe me, they find it difficult to be linked anywhere. Long lasting friendships are not made this way. Hence, in order to meet new people, try to get interested in them first.

  • Make the other person want to interact want you

When it comes to meeting new people, there can never be a better way to make new friends than generating the desire to interact with the other person. It's one of the greatest secrets of meeting new people. Inherently, every one of us thinks about our own self, 95% of the time. In such a circumstance, diverting the interest of someone from himself is a daunting task. What can you do to make someone interact with you? It's simple, give the other person what he desires most.

In today's world, nobody desires anything more than the feeling of being loved and being considered important. If you give them both, your job is half done.

  • Stop criticizing and start appreciating

Ninety-nine times out of hundred, people don't prefer to be around someone who constantly keeps disparaging and seldom appreciates the good in others. Dale Carnegie in his book, "How to win friends and influence people' says that it makes no sense to criticize people as it puts them on a defensive and challenge them to justify themselves. Criticism is risky and dangerous, as it wounds a person's prude and hurts his sense of importance, leading to resentment. Human beings have a proven tendency of rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad one. Hans Selye once said that humans dread condemnation as much as they thirst for approval. Hence, the conclusion? Criticizing is certainly a let-down when it comes to meeting new people.

  • Create the feeling of importance

The wish to be treated "important' is one of the greatest needs of humanity. It's almost as important as food, clothing and shelter. Sir Sigmund Freud once called it the "desire to be great'. This want, once satisfied can fetch greater results in your first conversation than you could ever imagine. An individual who satisfies this "craving' of importance forms a connection that lasts a lifetime. After all, who doesn't like being complimented? Appreciation is highly underrated these days.

You can always encash this desire of importance to your benefit. While meeting new people, always keep them at the centre of your talk. This creates a reciprocal feeling of respect and engages the other person to listen to whatever you want to say. However, bear in mind that the objective is not to adulate or cajole the person to an extent where it is felt unreal. No cheap or false flattery!

  • Smile!

There is an old Chinese proverb which says, "A man without smiling face must should not open a shop."

The simplest way to create a great first impression and meet new people is to smile, a lot. It makes you look good, feel good, and creates a sense of confidence in you. Apart from that, the study indicates that smiling people are generally considered approachable and interesting. Your smile is one of the most delightful characteristics of your personality. It gives a feeling that you like the other person and their presence makes you happy and glad!

James McConnell, once a psychologist said that, "People who smile tend to manage meeting new people more effectively and raise happier

relationships". A smile is a messenger of your goodwill and can brighten up the lives of people around you. It re-establishes the feeling that there is joy in the world and is like a sun breaking through the clouds.

Thus, smile!

  • Know what interests the other persons

Roosevelt always said, "The royal road to a person's heart is to talk about things he/she treasures most.' Talking about the interests of others opens up a conversation to a whole another level, you get a chance to personally connect with people, learn about their interests and simply get to know them more. When you catch the enthusiasm of others, it almost always culminates into a great conversation. Thus, having a knowledge of what interests others beforehand will help you gain confidence and meet new people while making long lasting connections.

  • Have grace, poise and determination!

One of the last and perhaps the most important tip- To meet new people you must have the courage to go out, interact and initiate the conversation. Staying in your comfort zone won't help you much when it comes to meeting new people. At the same time, be calm and composed. Panic is the enemy. Believe in yourself, because that is all it takes to get together with strangers and network.

Thus, it's really easy to meet new people and make great friends if you follow the above tips. So, get out there because new friends await you!

Bhavik Sarkhedi

Author of The Weak Point Dealer

Being bibliophilic in nature and engaged in personal diary writing since I was 9, the enthusiasm I have for writing can be expressed clearly when I write about the intersection of Technology,  Startup, Entrepreneurship and Juggle themBohemian by nature, Rapper by Passion, Story-Teller by Soul, and a Wanderlust, he wants to explore the intersection of philosophy and psychology. He is smartly dumb, genius moron, dynamically stubborn and occasionally an engineer. Die hard fan of TV seasons and  fictional characters- Sheldon Cooper, Chandler Bing, Charlie Harper, Daenerys Targaryen, Barney Stinson, Joey Tribianni and Tyrion Lannister.  Writes about Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Latest Tech Trends. The author of The Weak Point Dealer and 'Will You Walk A Mile?'

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