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Looking For Jobs? Here Are Some Tips That'll Make Your Search Easier Some handy tips for potential job seekers

By Harshit Bahvsar

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Job hunting is a tedious job in itself.

Sure, people will tell you that you must find a job you love, but it doesn't come easy. A lot goes behind the hunting and finding that right job that will push you towards success. Sometimes, not finding the right job serves for an equally good motivation. It's all about the research and how oyu go about it. To make it easy, here are some handy tips for potential job seekers:

It should push you towards career goal

Purpose of job change has to be very clear. You must have a clear professional goal and your next role. The job you're applying for must be closer to your career goal than the current job.

Deeply contemplate leaving the old job first

Avoid job changes if it is a result of small issues which can be resolved. I have observed that most candidates change jobs because they hesitate to discuss what they want or demand within their current organization; so they go miles away to some unknown person and open up which they cannot do with someone whom they know since years and someone who is sitting just few feet away. Avoid this scenario. Be ready to hear the word "NO' and then take your step. Many people prepare for change thinking that they won't get what they want.

Age matters

Avoid frequent changes post 30. That's the time you have developed skills in certain industry and function. It's the time to execute those skills in best possible manner and grow within the organization. According to me what kind of professional life you are going to lead is decided by the time you are 30. Avoid too much experimenting after that. Rather plan on implementation.

Stability will count

You should not be known as a job-seeker in your organization. In later stage and at senior level of your career your competition is going to be with people who are intelligent, committed and performers; so only differentiating factor you can lead by with such people is stability and ownership. Companies bet on loyal and stable people rather than just an intelligent person. Still if you can't resist then be present on networking platforms like universalhunt.com rather than core job portals. It does not give a good image or moral boosting within your team when your team mates (both junior and senior) comes to know that your CV is floating on job portals and you are at the same time giving moral talks to your team. Use some professional consultant or networking forums to make yourself more known rather than shooting CV to companies directly.

Not only the company, but get to know your reporting officers too before joining

Study a company carefully and insist on meeting a person whom you are going to report to directly. Also see how stable that person is going to be. Your growth to some extent also depends on the people you are going to work with. Prefer jobs where you are going to report to direct owners or stable top professionals. In most cases, remember that you are interviewed by people who are desperately looking for a change themselves.

Salary matters, but so does freedom

Look for freedom to execute in your employer. You will always end up getting paid as per the market, eventually. Sometimes you may begin with lower or higher salary than your expectation, but gradually all those differences get ironed out and you get what you deserve. If you are getting enough freedom to perform within larger boundaries then you must stick to that company and try to achieve more. Always remember that once you grow in the same organization you have more followers and it is easy to execute tasks since you don't have to sell yourself.

A reference check of the company and the consultant is a must

When you are looking for jobs abroad, make sure that you do a very good reference check of the consultant as well as the company. Avoid small time consultants since most may not even exist after you get your job. Also avoid dealing with the companies directly since you do not know these companies. Try to find some reference of some person working in that company who can give you some ideas about the work culture and other necessary things. You can do this through networking portals. Keep your family informed about your decision instead of last moment surprises and back-outs since you may incur a sorry figure before the company as well as the consultant involved. Avoid companies with very long term work contracts. Also do not deal with consultants who charges candidates and certainly do not even think of going to the company who asks for any advanced deposits. Good companies with be assigning search to value consultants and your entire recruitment is going to be free. Do not be desperate to go abroad, there are enough opportunities in your home country too, just enhance your network for better opportunities.

Harshit Bahvsar

Managing Director, Universal Hunt Group

Harshit Bhavsar started his entrepreneurial journey at an early age with the inception of Universal Hunt brand in October 2007 to fulfill the larger vision of inclusive growth by entering into various fields which directly impacts the life and lifestyle of people.

Harshit  is  a techno-commercial person backed by Chemical Engineering and MBA in Finance Before starting the journey as an entrepreneur, he has spent his career as a professional from 2002 to 2008 in the fields of Wealth Management, Project Management, Fund Syndication and Mergers & Acquisition  He was associated with companies like Angel Broking, Meghraj and Adani Group

In Wealth Management domain, he has been responsible for setting up Equity as well as Commodity Broking business from scratch across regions in India along with services like Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory. As an Investment Banker, with his strong networking and business acumen, he has successfully carried out M&A (both buy side and sell side) and Fund Syndication deals. In the field of Project Management as a techno commercial person he has been responsible for techno-commercial-feasibility analysis for large infra projects before actual implementation of the projects.

Harshit started his entrepreneurial journey via Universal Hunt with primary focus on manpower solutions. Business, which started its operations in 2008 with a modest team, is now servicing clientele spread over 80 countries, across all sectors and industries by a strong team of over 300 consultants spread across multiple locations.

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