Meet This Self-Made Millionaire And Online Marketing Rockstar Andreas Matuska has found a concept that allows individuals around Europe to earn money while helping companies to gain more customers

By John Stanly

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Andreas Matuska is a highly successful network marketer and entrepreneur who has built himself into a multi-millionaire at the age of twenty-six. He founded a revolutionary concept that allows individuals around Europe to earn money while helping companies to gain more customers!

Matuska's career started eleven years ago. He grew up in a small town where there were more cows than people. At the age of fourteen, he started as trainee in a media company in his home country of Austria. He worked there for a year before he came across a new opportunity. Online Marketing. "At first, I thought it is too good to be real!"

Keeping his office job, he poured all of his time into online marketing. Although he poured countless hours into the business, he didn't make money for five years. He noted that he would've made more money working at a McDonald's than working his office job and doing the marketing.

However, that all changed at the age of twenty. "I had been making no money, but then almost overnight, I found myself making 450,000 euros a month." That's about $500,000. Over the next five years, he continued to grow the business and found great success. His success has earned him the recognition of being one of the top twenty online marketers in the world.

Despite his success, he missed out on a big opportunity. Cryptocurrency. "A lot of my friends invested in it, but I didn't really pay attention." After seeing many of his friends make a huge fortune by investing early in cryptocurrency, he knew that he needed to be ready to catch the next big opportunity. That led him to founding his own company. A company that helps people to understand online marketing, which is a rapidly growing industry. Whether he is building an online marketing company or investing in an innovative startup like iPlant Global, Andreas contributes his continued success to the lessons he learned in the first five years of his journey as an entrepreneur. The first lesson he learned is the ability to communicate with people. "As a marketer, I learned to understand people and communicate in a way that they could relate to." He believes this ability to communicate is crucial to his success and to anyone's success - no matter what the industry or profession. The second lesson he learned is work ethic. "My first job was like most people. Eight hours and go home for the day. I learned the importance of working hard and long hours."

When we asked Matuska what motivated him to keep building and investing, his answer was simple. "Well, of course, part of it is for the money. But I also want to invest in things that are innovative and help change lives."

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