Start-ups Are Looking at Ways to Challenge the Status Quo

The start-up concept means, anyone from anywhere has an opportunity through technology to provide solution.

By Sunil Pol

Facebook: Navdeep Bains

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As India is becoming the buzzing land for entrepreneurs across the globe, more and more start-ups are venturing in India with their products. During an accelerator program, Gateway 91, organized by Zone start-up, Navdeep Singh Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Government of Canada, spoke to Entrepreneur about the international start-ups bringing innovations in the growing start up ecosystem in India, among other aspects.

How do you see the international start-ups are bringing innovation?
I think the start-ups are looking at ways to challenge the status quo. They are finding ways to come up with the challenges that we face in the society. The start-up concept means, anyone from anywhere has an opportunity through technology to provide solution. No country and no jurisdiction has the monopoly in good ideas. This accelerator program is really a global opportunity for companies to work together and make the world a better place.

How do you see the fact that India is becoming the buzzing land for start-ups?
India has got a young dynamic population. I was at IIT Delhi, Raman Institute, and I could see that young people really care and want to see things improve and I think that's the biggest asset.

Going forward how do you see the start-up ecosystem is growing in India?
I think the governments are embracing it, the businesses are embracing it and the society is embracing it. So, the future looks really positive.

With this accelerator program, how you are supporting international start-ups to promote their solutions?
That is very interesting and we want international start-ups to exchange the ideas. With this accelerator program, we want to create a platform where companies get to see best practices in their respective jurisdictions. We work with mentors looking at financing opportunities as all that is essential for a successful pathway to grow.

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Sunil Pol

Correspondent, Entrepreneur India

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