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Startup Kickoff Gives This Startup Its Lifeline: Funding Investors once again praised and encouraged innovative startup ideas at Startup Kickoff

By Samiksha Jain

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Are you seeking funds or mentors? For every startup, money is life blood and at some point or the other, you need to infuse certain amount into your business to grow it. Whether you are seeking a few lakhs from your friends/relative or a huge amount through any venture capital firm, you need to do your homework well.

At times, reaching out to investors or mentors can become tricky for entrepreneurs considering their busy schedule. To make entrepreneurs' life easier in terms of getting funds and mentors, Entrepreneur Media has created a platform called "Startup Kickoff' where startups can pitch their business plans to a panel of investors/ VCs/accelerators.

At the ninth edition of the Startup Kickoff powered by The Franchise India 2016 investors once again praised and encouraged innovative startup ideas. In this edition, we found that apart from pitching, startups were given an opportunity to showcase their products and services to the funders in Demo Zone, an area specially dedicated for the startups.

With various applications they received, the panel selected 11 companies to showcase their product in Demo Zone.

The startups were from a broad spectrum of sectors – from services, gaming, web development, mapping to online commerce, all drew applause from the delegates attending the event. Few prominent names include Sachar Gaming Private Limited,, Cyrrup, Feedbot, Aamshe Technologies, Corporate Bag, Golocall, Doc24 Private Limited, UClean, Red Ribbion Advisory and sparsh interior designs.

Startups, All Set To Create A Mark

Out of these 11 ventures only 9 startups qualified for the final round where they got a chance to present their business plan on the Startup Kickoff stage directly to investors and delegates.

Sachar Gaming Private Limited, an online gaming and eCommerce firm;, an online application by which unused or unwanted vouchers and gift cards can be traded effortlessly; Cyrrup, Feedbot, effortlessly collect feedback on your bot; Aamshe Technologies, a multidisciplinary IT firm; Corporate Bag, providing all kind of merchandizing and services to corporate industry; Golocall, enabling consumer to find relevant information on google searches; UClean, self service laundary; Doc24 Private Limited, a startup known as community doctor are the few startups that managed to grab the attention of the investors. However, it was Rishab's Jain startup UsemyVoucher .com that stole the show and the hearts of the VCs.

The Queen Bee

A simple, but powerful business plan of this young budding entrepreneur, grabbed the eye balls of investors. Out of all the 9 entrepreneurs, Rishab's startups idea received the unanimous thumbs up. On asking about winning the investor's attention, Jain said, "the only thing in today's time which attracts every individual is "money" and "profit".

"Being the creator of UMV, I am proud to present this advanced profitable technology company to the investors which not only looks good on presentation but also on actual paper," said Jain.

He reiterated his belief in delivering the best and an optimum quality which would solve more than 70 per cent of problems people face in India with regard to shopping and gifting from the list of premium, superior and luxury recognized brands in India.

Samiksha Jain

Feature Writer,

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