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This Startup Is Taking Care Of Your Car Problems Startup providing solution to car and 2 wheelers owners looking for quality and cost effective servicing/maintenance

By Samiksha Jain

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day. And for many, it is a meal of rush. Fortunately, for Nitin Bahl, this meal of rush turned into a business opportunity. Yes, it was the breakfast table where he discovered the idea of his new venture.

While discussing to his wife about getting her car serviced over breakfast, Bahl clicked with the idea to tap this market. He discussed the idea with his friend and Co-founder, Nitesh Jain and the duo conceptualized Gaadifix, a platform that brings vehicle owners, automobile brands, and mechanics on the same platform.

Though Bahl was the brain behind the inception of the startup, but Jain played a crucial role in taking the product to the industry.

Founded in 2015, Gaadifix, provides solution to vehicle owners who look for quality and cost effective servicing/ maintenance. Unlike unorganized or expensive options available, the startup offers an on-demand service, focused to provide right priced genuine products and services.

Gaadifix brings together a unique O2O (Online to Offline) business model that has been put together with an in-depth understanding of the business based on years of industry experience to provide convenience, comfort & cost effective way to get service & parts availability.

Though Bahl was the brain behind the inception of the startup, but Jain played a crucial role in taking the product to the industry.

Entrepreneur India caught up with Nitesh Jain, CEO and Founder, Gaadifix to know more about his venture and how did this journey happen to him.

Tell us about your first job?

My first job was to supervise the production in a factory. It was making automotive parts using hot forging process. In summers, it was about 50 deg C in the factory and I was working for about 10 hours a day. I got a free ride back home and that's all I got as a payment as going back in DTC was a nightmare then.

Is entrepreneurship was something you always wanted to do?

I grew up partly in Punjab and Delhi, graduated from Delhi University and am an Alumni of Harvard Business School. I was clear that I had the ability and creativity to make a difference and hence wanted to be an entrepreneur. I believed that the freedom to express, try out your ideas, experience the failures & yet have options to work on newer initiatives can only be possible as an entrepreneur.

Your startup name is really interesting. Is there a story behind the name?

There were over 80 or 90 names that we pondered upon. We wanted to keep something that was not too long, very simple to remember, that conveyed the essence in what we do. It was also important that our eco-system of customer and mechanics could connect with it and use a word that was generic to relate to a 2 wheeler to a truck. Gaadifix was apt and fitted the best.

Have you pivoted your business in any way that has worked for you?

Gaadifix is self-funded by the founders. We have just started to look for external funding. We drew our business plan and process with a very clear thought process. One thing that I have learnt in life is to spend maximum time in planning and then execute it with full power. So the plan took time but we were sure what we will do and have been persistent with it. It's much better to work this way than rush to join the band wagon and then keep pivoting the model again and again after learning what's not working well.

Who has been your mentor in your Entrepreneurial journey?

My father has been my biggest mentor. He taught me to value money, be focussed, have a strong will power & have a never say die attitude.

Is there any business fundamental that you strongly believe in?

High ethics, straight forward approach and trust are the facets for me that are cast in stone.

Believe in your gut, focus on stakeholder growth, keep an eye on quality of product and service and profits will follow are some of the business fundamentals which I strongly believe in and will never change them.

Moments which made you proud?

When we meet our contemporaries in the industry and they say Gaadifix is a great idea and were wondering why no one thought of it.

What about are your future plans?

Gaadifix wants to be a leader in this space. For us, products and services are inseparable to build overall quality of the offering and this is what we will continue to focus on.

What changes you have experienced in yourself over the years?

I have changed my speed of communication. I believe that if someone is seeking an answer, clarity or suggestion he's come to me with an expectation… I got to share my thoughts with him as promptly as I can.

Don't fear failure. Failing is better than not trying and failing fast is even better. My quest for innovation and creativity has increased more than ever and has become fearless in some sense.

I have this inherent attitude of challenging myself. I think until leadership learns to challenge itself, it's neither realistic nor useful to expect your team members to be high performers.

And I keep reminding myself and my team that the only easy day was yesterday… never stop at giving your best.

Samiksha Jain

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