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Three-pronged safety for risk free biz Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire pump sets, pre-action system, water spray cooling, and clean agent fire extinguisher system ensure safety.

By Jitu Mahnot

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Few decades back, infrastructural planning of a startup revolved around construction, interior design, electricity and so on. However, fire safety and security was not considered as crucial as it is now.

Previously, ignoring of basic norms led to deaths and destruction. Nowadays, fire safety system is an important part of any organization's safety procedures. Many startups and established firms are investing crores to keep their infrastructure out of harm's way.

Startups have realized the importance of data safety, protection of infrastructure and employees. Thus, this has augured in a positive trend of long term investment in this field because it is a risk-free venture.

The fire and security industry has grown to a new level where safety, technology and security are considered extremely crucial for the commercial, retail or industrial sector. People realize that fire can devastate their whole setup in minutes, thus, tearing an organization apart.

One such entity that can prevent this catastrophe is "Startech Engineers'. It is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

It is also a class "A' licensed agency (by Government of Maharashtra) for firefighting & protection. Moreover, it offers turnkey solutions in fire safety and electronic security installation.

"Startech' has played a significant role in empoweringing startups and established firms by delivering high quality, innovative and world-class fire protection solutions with the help of finest engineering technology.

With commencement of the new era of "Make in India', a huge number of startups are mushrooming at an unbelievable pace. This growth is due to unique ideas and considerable hard work.

The data and infrastructure are of utmost importance for these startups at the initial stages. Therefore, planning safe & secure infrastructure is as vital as planning the revenue model.

Various advanced systems that can be installed and are important for any commercial, industrial and retail outlet can be divided in to 3 different categories:


Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Pump Sets, Pre-Action System, Water Spray Cooling, and Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher System.


Public Address System, Emergency Lighting System, Rodent Repellant System, Water Leak Detection, Visitor Management and Building Management System


CCTV, Access Control System, Perimeter Control System, Intruder Alarm System and Vehicle Management System

Basic fire and safety systems that are imperative for any organization include:

1. Fire alarm: This system aids in locating the exact location/area of fire in the protected premises.

2. Fire pump sets: This is the core of fire sprinkler and fire hydrant system, which aids in generating and maintaining the required pressure in the fire sprinkler and fire hydrant piping networks.

3. Pre-action System: This is an essential system in which sprinklers are connected to a piping network that contains pressurized air. It is again connected to electromechanical assembly for achieving double knock activation.

4. Public Address System: This system provides several facilities like playing music, addressing people with wire and wireless microphones, and automatic voice evacuation message in case of emergency.

5. CCTV systems: This system aids in monitoring your organization for any kind of theft and motion.

6. Access Control System: This system restricts entry of unauthorized people into your premises.

These systems can secure any organization from fire, theft and intrusion. It is better to take initial safety precautions rather than repenting later!

Jitu Mahnot

Founder & CEO, Startech Engineers

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